02 September, 2014

TERMINUS Functional & Creative Bags @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Have you ever imagined having a bag that functions like a Transformer? Recently, I just came to know that such creative inventions have just landed in Malaysia! Thanks to Terminus for bringing the marvellous ideas from France and having them now at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. 

Terminus is a world-class, design-oriented brand established since 1994. With the track record of producing over 60,000,000 bags for 4000 clients worldwide, I believe Terminus has mastered the art of perfecting the ideal bag for each and every individual. 

Look at those trendy and unique designs!

The moment I step into the newly opened store at 1 Utama Shopping Centre (located between Old Wing and New Wing), I'm amazed with loads of creative designs that I've not seen elsewhere! How perfect it is to have a bag combining superb craftmanship, quality material and global designers' ideas

       Every Terminus product focuses on 5F's:
            – Functionality (Useful and versatile)
            – Uniquely Formed (One-of-its-kind design)
            – Fashionable (CHIO!)
            – Fun (Trendy and young)
            – Feels Good (Ultimate comfort)

Now let's check out the store!
From left to right:
The Bright Tote (Contains LED that lights up when unzipped!)
Leather Simpli-City (Purple, Black, Beige)
Urban Dad Backpack (Grey, Yellow, Red)
X-Series Sling Bag, Backpack, Sports Bag

{POPULAR} Terminus 5-in-1 Transformer 

If you're a frequent business traveller, this could be the highly versatile bag that you're looking for! The transformer convertible rolling briefcase can convert into two handheld briefcases--- One for your garment, another for documents and gadgets. Perfect, isn't it? 

{POPULAR} Terminus The New Invisible Urban Roller

I personally find the transformer a little huge, therefore I opt for this urban wheeled backpack instead. I love how it can be carried in 3 ways--- Backpack, roller luggage and handheld. 

As the name speaks for itself, the wheels can go "Invisible"! The retractable wheels will only pop out when the telescopic handle is pulled up and close when pushed back. "Smart" invention right? Material wise, no worries because it is tough and long-lasting.

Look small from the exterior? Believe it or not, the compartments are so spacious inside that it can fit a 13" laptop, tablet, and sufficient clothes and documents for a 4D3N free-and-easy trip :) Plus, it has a front utility compartment with organizer to keep your essentials handy. 

Terminus Wrinkle Bags - Hip and trendy!

However, for university students like me, I prefer having a day-to-day "fit-them-all" backpack. The Wrinkles' signature look is fashionably iconic, and smart in maximising space. Love the vibrant color variations too! Which one do I look good with? 

Inside the bad, there are padded compartment for laptop/tablet, small zipped pocket for mobile phone/key and spacious main compartment for books. 

Terminus X-Series Sports Bag - For real fitness lover and sportspeople!

I also spot something great for my dad! It comes in handy during his sports time and adds a little sporty element into his outfit of the day. Plenty of room for garments and water bottles too. 

Terminus Cutie Pac for tablets / laptops

Wow! It is amazing, my iPad can now 'sleep' in a cushion and
I can use it as a pillow especially during travelling. 

Backpack Plus, Cityslicker & Tabletslicker : 50% off for OneCard holders!

Thank you Terminus brand for bringing us creative and functional bags beyond the ordinary!

Feel free to check out Terminus bag boutique at 1U or visit them on their website :)

Terminus Bag
(in front of Sushi Q) 
Lot S213A, Second Floor,
Promenade, New Wing,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Email: info@terminusbag.com
Website: www.terminusbag.com
Facebook: fb.com/TerminusBag


  1. Now I really want a TERMINUS Bag. I'm such a bag person. Drooling ady. Will check it out this Sat!
    cheers, choy peng

  2. ok. A bit regret for not getting the Wrinkles bag haha

  3. The wrinkle bag looks sooo cute! Imma gonna go get them


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