29 December, 2014

Milkcow @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City, KL

I notice that the recent hits in town are all concentrated within the Mid Valley City, including the ever popular Magnum Cafe, followed by Tim Ho Wan, the dim sum specialist by Hong Kong 1 star Michelin chef. Milkcow, the famous soft-serve ice cream from Korea also opens its first outlet in this mall, and the queue is crazy almost every single day.

As compared to its grand opening few weeks back, now the queue is lesser but still we spent a good 15 minutes to get our hands on the organic soft serve ice-cream. The squarish cubes of honeycomb is the signature flavour of Milkcow, and I saw almost every one who came here would go for this flavour.

Actually you can choose among the 11 types of toppings to go with the soft serve ice cream. Unfortunately, Snow Drop (cotton candy topping with organic salt and jelly beans in it) and Milky Crunch (Cadbury crunchie macaron) were both sold out during my visit.

Milkcow also serves coffee here, but since this outlet is a pop-up store at The Gardens, there are very limited seats available, able to fit only 16 pax at most. So we did not bother for a drink since the benches were all taken. You will just have to stand and eat, or walk around the mall while eating.  

Honeycomb, the main reason of our visit, is the winner among all flavours! The prices for the soft serve ice-cream served in a 8oz (236ml) cup, range from RM8 to RM13, depending on the toppings. But it is still considered cheaper as compared to Honey Creme in Singapore and Softree in Korea.

Milky Cube (With natural honey comb) @ RM13

Milkcow uses 100% natural honey and organic milk sourced from Korea for a more distinctive and richer taste. Texture wise, the soft serve ice-cream is very smooth, silky and with a strong milk flavour in it. Unlike the conventional ice cream, Milkcow's ice cream has a more yoghurt-like consistency--- Lighter, less dense and creamy.

The highlight, of course, came from the small square honeycomb placed on top of ice-cream. Interestingly, the honeycomb was very chewy and the honey was constantly dripping from it onto the ice-cream. Sweet, thick honey with silky, mildly sweet ice cream was simply the perfect combination!

For those who may not enjoy sweet treats, you may find that the honeycomb overwhelms the overall taste.

Christmas Edition: Merry Berry @ RM13

During Christmas, it has an exclusive flavour--- Swirls of black cherry sauce, fresh raspberries and blueberries in a cup, not forgetting to mention the festive must-have peppermint candy canePretty good too, with the natural sweetness of the fruits (not as sweet as honey :D)

Revisit? I think I'd visit if Milkcow introduces new items such as ice cream in cone, or ice cream cake!

Lower Ground Floor (in front of Cold Storage),
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603 7726 7370
Facebook: fb.com/MilkcowMY
Instagram: @milkcowmy


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