01 January, 2015

New Year’s Resolution: 15 Do's and Don'ts In 2015

[Alert: Super lengthy, wordy post!]

After my life summary of 2014, now I'm ready for a brand new year. 
1.1.2015 is the first blank page of a 365-page book. I promise I'd write a good one.

In fact, the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015 is neither an end nor a start for me, because life is always ongoing. The reason I love New Year is because it allows for a magical sense of renewal and a chance to leave what's in the past and step forward towards what's to come in the future. 

I don't usually do resolutions/reflections.....well, because I hate to admit the shortfalls I guess? And today is the day where I silently give courage to myself, telling my heart that 2015 is the year I will start doing more of the things I really want and stop doing the things that don’t matter. 

To be really honest, 2014 has been rather rocky for me, it is probably the only year that I've shed so much tears that made me gone so weak, so mentally drained and emotionally exhausted. I must admit in between those awful days, the only and one thing lying within my heart is the stress. It accumulates up to a point that I stop talking to anyone for awhile (Okay maybe only a few days haha), and try to gather my whole self once again. 

But with this new year coming, here's the time to change my mindset, eliminate negativity and take a huge step forward....... because there is a reason we are told the best is yet to come 
Yup, welcome January 2015 and I'm determined to make my resolutions this year and ensure I can keep them! Here are 15 things that I'm looking forward to in 2015:

1. Travel solo to a foreign country
It doesn't matter if it is just our neighbour, Thailand or somewhere further like Australia. I just want to step out of my comfort zone and become a bit more fearless and more confident in myself. I believe it's a good chance to renew my spirit in the most positive way and change my perspective towards everything around me. Well, because people say "You'll never return the way you left."

2. Complete my degree and professional qualification
I'll be graduating from my 4-years degree in May 2015, and hopefully by December I'm able to complete the professional papers too. *Pray hard*

3. Be more appreciative on little things 
I notice that I've missed tonnes of happy little things in life throughout 2014 because I'm too focused in constantly 'chasing' my goals. So this year I want to slow down my pace and appreciate things around me, regardless of how insignificant they are in my every day life.

4. Fall in love
The major failure of my previous relationships was due to the lack of time commitment. I learn in a hard way that having your other half to really understand you is not easy, but getting him/her to tolerate with your lifestyle in a long term is even tougher. So hopefully I can meet someone who shares the same values, philosophy and probably similar crazy schedule like mine too :P 

5. Be healthier
Losing weight is my secondary goal now, but I want a leaner, healthier body because ultimately what matters is not the figure shown on my weighing scale but it's the figure I see in front of the mirror that counts. 

6. Laugh your heart out! 
Life is too short to be miserable, why not live every day with a smile on the face?

7. Stay out of my comfort zone
I've always thought life is pre-arranged-- from birth to school and all the way towards graduation and be a working adult. It seems like I do not voluntarily make any of my choices in life, and now it's time to make a big decision and be responsible for it regardless of the outcome!

8. Meet more people
Well, as a blogger, I'm constantly meeting new people in life. But I believe at different stages in life, meeting different people always give new experiences that shape me into a better person :) In short, keep learning! 

9. Stay out of Malaysia for a month or so 
I've been looking forward for joining student exchange programs or heading somewhere for work-related purpose. Hope my dream comes true! *finger crossed*

10. Sleep longer!
Gosh, yes it is true. Nowadays I only manage to sleep for a maximum of 5 hours daily and it's mentally torturing me. I need my precious bed!! 

11. Have a smashing great birthday celebration
Every year I'd secretly wish a whole cake and birthday song from my dearest family and friends, but 2014's birthday just passed like any normal day because of academic and work-related commitments :( Hopefully in 2015 I'd have a more memorable celebration!

12. Visit Singapore for Christmas / New Year
I almost did in 2014, then again I hesitated and finally regretted for my decision. Well, let's not regret in 2015 and make this dream come true! 

13. Earn more as a blogger and article writer!
I'm fortunate that I manage to achieve a steady stream of income through blogging in 2014, and hopefully there are more opportunities coming my way. Plus, more giveaways for you guys too!!

14. Gain more positive energy!
How? I don't know. Just feel like having more time to discover the world around me :) 

15. Upgrade on my camera gear
I have been planning to get additional camera lenses since ages ago! Yet my dream is not realized, so gotta do it before 2015 ends!

And....another 15 things that I must STOP doing in 2015 to truly move forward and live this year to the fullest:

1. Stop whining
I realise I have complained a lot when life gives me lemons throughout 2014, but why, well, I can just make them into lemonade (or even Tiger Radler). Every 'lemon' gives a different taste that marks new experiences in life, and now I do count my blessings for being who I am today.

2. Stop saying "Yes" all the time
There are plenty of things that I should learn to say No. It is not cruel to reject someone / something that does not worth my time and effort. All in all, just do what really matters in life, and eliminate the rest.

3. Stop pleasing everyone
Some people may love me this way, but others do another way. As much as I'd love to please and satisfy each and every one of your wish, I know it is almost impossible and at the end of the year I'd end up hurting myself. So yeah, move on and be myself :)

4. Stop showing and telling everyone about everything
Mystery is good. Even towards the closest person on Earth.

5. Stop listening to others
In other words, be more decisive! I often face this problem of not being able to make my own decisions and constantly seek for second, third (fourth and so on) opinions from my friends because I simply just....can't decide! Now...I gonna tell myself-- Just follow my heart and make a decision without any regrets!

6. Stop saying "I Can't"
.....because I can. Simple. Have faith in yourself because nothing is impossible in this world :)

7. Stop doubting
Confidence and instinct come hand in hand sometimes. If things are favourable, just go ahead, make it happen and be proud of it!

8. Stop feeling obligated
Am I obligated to do so? I don't owe anyone an explanation because it's my life and others will have no say in it because they don't live with the choices I make.

9. Stop regretting
Yesterday was history; Don't let the past steal your present because the past can't hurt you anymore not unless you let it. Let's move forward and not regret for something that cannot be changed!

10. Stop bothering what others think of me
Well, people judge you no matter you do. As long as I'm doing what I feel is right (in a rational way, of course), I do think it's fine even if people start giving me nasty comments :) 

11. Stop pushing (nice) people away
I must admit that I've been 'protecting' myself way too much from betrayals, heartbreaks and sorrow. I'm lucky to have many nice people around me, who really treat me well with their sincerity, but I end up pushing them away because I don't trust them. I can't trust them, I told myself. But now I learn to accept. Trust is earned, neither given nor granted 

12. Stop pushing myself
Before 2014 ends, someone asked me how on Earth did I manage to focus on studies, blogging and work at one go, wasn't it very tiring for me? Well, the answer is absolutely YES, simply because I've been pushing myself towards achieving more than I can imagine. And there lies the sacrifices that made me teared. I hope, in 2015, I can treat myself better, and do everything in a more reasonable, moderate manner.

13. Stop comparing with others
Healthy competition is good as a motivator, but the question is how healthy is "healthy"? Every one of us has our strengths and weaknesses; What really matters is how we utilize our strengths and overcome those weaknesses. Let's strive to be a better self, not a better person than people around you!

14. Stop being a perfectionist
Always setting the highest standards for myself and never expecting anything less may not be a good thing sometimes, because I learn that perfectionism can be a disabler in life, rather than an enabler. Time to start accepting things in a different way!

15. Stop working for free
.....Because it all adds up -- those little favors, those "quick" meetings, those that come with "friendship" price. Gotta pick and choose when you give of your time, without forgetting that for every item you complete when you say yes to someone else, you're saying "no" to yourself and your business.


Once again, Happy New Year and have a great year ahead! xoxo


  1. Good luck fish. All the best and keep focus ye!

    1. Dear Faten, thanks alot!! May 2015 be a smashing good year to you too, Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. this post inspired me, thanks Fish for sharing about the do's and dont's :) I wish you all the best in 2015!

    1. Hi girl, glad that you love this post ;) Thanks for your wishes, and same goes to you! Have an awesome year ahead and hope to see you more often <3

  3. Wishing you to get what you want in 2015, happy new year

    1. Hello Happy Walker, thanks for your wishes and same goes to you!! :D Happy New Year!

  4. Replies
    1. Dear Camy, thanks dear for your encouragement ;) May 2015 be good to you too! Let's work hard together <3

  5. looks good! all the best in your dos and don'ts! =D
    Happy New Year! =D

    30 Days Money Challenge here!!

    1. Hello Henry, yes will definitely do! ;) Stay sweet with your gf and happy new year too!!


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