08 March, 2013

AyurSlim Himalaya: Healthy, Effective Weight Loss

It's time for slimming! I just came home from a discussion with the Himalaya team about an effective slimming plan. Slimming for me? YES I'm not kidding you. 

I HAVE EXCESSIVE BODY FAT T_____T What a cruel truth.

At Himalaya healthcare centre, the staff helped me to measure my BMI (Body Mass Index), Body Fat percentage and Visceral Fat (fat around your organs). I admit that I have put on a lot of weight recently, but it was shocking to know my body fat rises up to 26%, which is categorized as "Overweight"!! 

Normal fitness level should be between 20% - 25%. And athletic level is below 20%.
I remembered I had measured body fat % half a year ago, which was only 14.9% back then! :( 

Weight and body fat are 2 different things.
I am below my ideal weight. BUT my body simply stores too much fat everywhere =.=
Something I learned today, having an ideal weight doesn't mean my body fat level is healthy.

So this is the time I need AyurSlim badly! AyurSlim is a herbal product with weight reduction effect.
If you are a man with body fat more than 18%, or a female with body fat exceeding 24%,
then you need AyurSlim.

True to its philosophy "Herbal Health Care", AyurSlim is the slimming brand that uses only herbs and natural ingredients for the best of health. Introduced since more than 7 years ago, it is a renowned and reliable brand in our Malaysian market now.

What does AyurSlim do?
1. Limits fat production
2. Reduces craving for sugar
3. Reduces excess cholesterol
4. Detoxifies body and aids bowel movement
5. Blocks absorption of sugar

And the best thing is:
Already 7 years in the market, but till today there is no reported side effects at all :)
And it gives a long-lasting effect. Stop capsule intake and no bounce-back.

Of course there is always no shortcut in slimming.
Remember to eat healthily according to the food pyramid and exercise regularly.

For best results, consume 2 capsules a day for 4-6 months, 15 minutes after breakfast and dinner.
Don't forget the regular exercise, proper diet and 8 glasses of WATER daily!

Besides consumption, I think application of Himalaya Skin Firming Body Lotion is important to enhance the slimming effect. Just apply it on targeted areas contin

I also learned about the daily 'healthy food intake', which made me realised 
being a food blogger can be unhealthy sometimes! 

Say Goodbye to the Apple or Pear body shape! 
Time to be S-shaped like a Snake :)

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