06 March, 2015

Review: Redoxy by Return Legacy

Skin aging is always our biggest enemy, don't you agree? Having wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin and unhealthy appearance is no longer a women-only issue, but also the men's too. Anti-aging products are everywhere in the market, but most of them clog my pores because of the heavy texture and too-strong -for-sensitive-skin formula :( Well, why not try out the natural way to defy your age?

Redoxy is not as 'natural' as made-using-plants-only products, but the French formula using Japanese technology is definitely milder and incorporates more natural elements. Redoxy is made of:

milk peptide, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, salmon peptide, alpha-lipoic acid, collagen,
growth factors, Vitamin C, kojic acid, Vitamin E and hydroxylated lecithin. 

Sounds too complicated? In short, it is specially made for women and men to help their skin stay supple and fresh.

• Anti-aging: Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
• Anti-oxidation: Quench free radicals.
• Hydrating: Lock moisture for long hours.
• Boosting: Enhance production of collagen.
• Repairing: Help scars and marks to heal.
• Rejuvenating: Make skin firmer, smoother and younger.
• Brightening: Lighten pigmentation, improve skin's tone and texture.
• Firming: Improve skin elasticity.
• Penetrating: Deep penetration to nourish the cell.

Another interesting fact is, Redoxy lightweight lotion can be used on other parts of the body too! Apart from treating pimples and wrinkles, you can use it on other areas such as scars, stretch marks, skin allergy etc. Isn't it miraculous? One tiny bottle solves all the problems! 

• Age 25 and above
• Coffee / Alcohol drinker
• Stressful lifestyle
• Always stay up late / working on shirt
• Frequent travellers
• Smoker
• Long hours in air-conditioned environment
• Constant exposure to UV rays

It is suitable for all types of skin including dry, normal and oily. For normal skin type, 4 sprays are sufficient to apply over the whole face, while people with dry skin may use 5 sprays for optimal result.

Just shake the bottle, spray it onto skin surface and gently massage upwards until fully absorbed.

Applying very thin layer is good enough so that nutrients can be absorbed quickly. I diligently apply twice daily (Morning and night) over my face, and my forehead wrinkle is indeed less visible now :) 

If you are interested to know more, feel free to contact Zann Gan from Return Legacy.

Email: zann1159@gmail.com
Tel/Whatsapp : +852228663 (Singapore) or +60127503622 (Malaysia)
WeChat: zann1159
Facebook : I Love Redoxy

Retail price: RM250/SGD115
Member price: RM306/SGD138 for 2 units


  1. omg the price~! but i guess it must be real good considering how much it cost.

    1. Hi Annis , Wechat me at lyaaong . Ready stock

  2. It's awesome beauty product for your skin. try


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