06 April, 2015

Twenty One Grams Cafe @ PJ State (Newtown)

PJ New Town is an area that I hardly visit, but when I do, I manage to discover a new hipster cafe which has an interesting name to which everyone can relate-- 21 grams is the standard volume of coffee to brew the perfect cup.

Serving a wide range of artisan coffee using locally-roasted premium beans, this quick caffeine fix is located right below Strawberry Fields Hotel, a few streets away from Menara MBPJ and Wisma IJM. Now you know where to head to, if you happen to look for a quiet place to rest after work :)

With tastefully designed brick walls and pinewood furniture, the decors are all environment-friendly as the owner supports local upcycling businesses that transformed the wood into functional pieces. When you see from outside, it is noticeable with brick walls and a clear glass entrance that one could see the beautiful and cozy environment inside.

Those who are more appreciative of vintage and retro designs definitely
would not want to miss out every picture-worthy nook and corner here!

Cappucino @ RM10

I love how they serve classic cappucinos just the way I enjoy. I receive a mug with a bold and slightly acidic espresso, and very little frothy milk to cap it. Slowly dipping in delight, I love the bold flavour of dark-roasted beans sourced from a local roaster. 

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee @ RM13.90 / Mocha Iced Coconut @ RM15.90

On top of the staple espresso based coffees, I’m a huge fan of iced coffee but since the ultra-thick coconut milk – with its high fat content – seizes up when added to coffee, I decide to give it a go. Interestingly, it tastes a little like coconut, with smooth coffee flavour. It seems too new to me and I still prefer the taste of dairy milk in my coffee. 

For a more acceptable creation, I'd go for the iced latte with swirls of salted caramel on a cloud of whipped cream. Sweet and savory, a touch of salted caramel complements the creamy combination. 

Turkey Mango Chutney @ RM16.90

On the hot food menu, I notice some common names such as sandwiches, burgers and Nasi Lemak. But interestingly, each and every one of them is creatively injected with wonderful ingredients for a twist of flavours. 

For instance, my turkey ham ciabatta sandwich is layered between tangy mango chutney, basil and melted cheese. I've never thought the flavour combination is so fantastic, especially when you pair them with the house special chilli, beetroot and herbs mayo dip.

Brioche French Toast @ RM14.90

If you can't decide between the savoury and the sweet, why not have both in one plate? Fruity and flavourful, this brioche French toast is a stack above the rest. A touch of fresh strawberries and banana nicely adds a hint of sweetness to it before being crowned with powdered sugar and whipped topping. 

What makes this dessert sensational is the extremely crisp surface of the thick, rich brioche bread that has strong buttery fragrance infused in it.  On the inside, the pillow-like fluffy texture totally melts my heart because I love everything with eggs!

Chocolate Cheese Brownie @ RM11.90

Don't feel fear of the thick block of chocolate brownie; it's not the usual heavy, highly-sweetened type you have. In fact, it is surprisingly mild in dark chocolate flavour, topped with a crisp layer of baked cheese. Enjoying it together with the vanilla ice cream, it is pure joy and ecstasy to stuff ourselves with mouthfuls of the cheesy brownie!

If you are not a fan of rich, fudgy brownie, then this is definitely what you'd enjoy.

Churros with Espresso Chocolate @ RM10.90

How about some traditional Spanish dessert? I really enjoy the perfectly fried churros! This sweet treat is something I rarely indulge in because churros are often too greasy and soft. But these crisp-edged churros at 21 Grams are not a bit oily at all, yet are generously coated with sugar.

Texture wise, it is beautifully done with crunchy exterior, followed by chewiness on the inside. 
But I'd recommend plain churros instead of having to scrap up the sugar coating. 

The best part of this sweet treat is not the fried dough, but the creamy espresso chocolate dip! The bittersweet flavour is definitely a welcoming change from the usual milk chocolate sauce.

Cappucino Walnut Cake, Carrot Cheese Cake, Orange Chocolate Cake.

Overall, it seems to be a lot of elements being injected into each dish but 21 Grams have played a good game on flavours as everything blends well nicely and tastes great! The cafe is not only for the coffee aficionados, but it is a comfortable place to dine for all.

*Parkings are ample after 5pm (Mon-Fri), and all day long on weekends.

1. I appreciate the lovely creations of food and drink in this neighbourhood cafe, plus everything is made from scratch in-house.
2. Most items come in large portion and reasonable price tags. (P/S: No GST here!)  
3. Recommended: Brioche French Toast, Churros with Espresso Chocolate

Twenty One Grams
7, Jalan 52/16,
PJ Newtown,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7931 6407
Facebook: fb.com/TOGMalaysia
Instagram: @twentyonegramsmy
Business Hours: 10am - 11pm (Tues to Sun)
Closed on Mondays 

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  1. Churros! <3 <3 Look so tasty but yeah need to try out on weekends or after office hours because that area parking.. haha



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