19 May, 2015

Just Pie @ IOI City Mall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre & The Gardens

What could be more soul-satisfying than a hot, fresh-from-oven and flaky pie encasing different types of creative fillings ranging from sweet to savoury? We've seen an increasing trend of hand-crafted pies that lure people with mouth-wateringly tempting recipes, and Just Pie is amongst the first homegrown pie specialist that serves up more than 20 types of pies at major shopping malls such as The Gardens, IOI City Mall and 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

Just Pie open-concept cafe at IOI City Mall is easily noticeable as it is located between the ice skating rink and District 21 theme park. Shoppers will enjoy nice whiff of butter from afar and be spoilt by a wide variety of beautifully-displayed golden brown pies.

Each pastry pie is made with new, revolutionary ingredients for the fillings from savoury to sweet. Mention classic pies such as apple pie, chicken pot pie, and even vegetarian pie, Just Pie has gotten you covered.

Cappucino @ RM8.90 / Almond Latte @ RM10.90

Coffees here are pretty decent where you can get the espresso-based staples with basic coffee arts that as well as affogato coffee desserts. Non-coffee drinkers can choose among the wide variety of chocolate drinks and Dilmah Exceptional tea.

 Steak N Cheese @ RM9.50

No worries about mixing up your orders because each savory pie can be easily identified by the letter on it. Speaking of the crust, the heavy application of margarine lends the pastry a wonderful softness on the inside. It is moist yet flaky enough to enhance the richness of the crisp-edged pastry that gives a decadent mouthfeel. 

The medium sized pie of 4.5 inch diameter is jam-packed with big chunks of tender beef, carrot and creamy white gravy. If you're not a fan of heavily buttered pastry, the taste of this pie would be just nice for you to go with its fillings. 
Chicken Mushroom @ RM8.40

Classics such as chicken chunks in mushroom gravy are equally popular among diners as the creamy, rich combination is simply comforting especially during cold days. Savour it with a dash of homemade bolognese sauce or top it up with some mashed potato (RM2.90) for a twist in flavours. 

 Creamy-3-Mushrooms @ RM8.40

Recommended as one of their signatures, it is not difficult to figure out why when a scan across the neighbouring tables has spotted this trio Mushroom Pie on almost every table. Thick hand-cut slices of black fungus, white and brown mushrooms taste extra good and create a beautiful medley of crunchy-chewy texture. Definitely the best vegetarian pie I've tried! 

Adventurous pie hunters may prefer hefty, dark filling packed with meat such as Black Pepper Beef, Chunky Chilli Beef, Lamb Stew, and Curry Chicken pies that are beautifully moistened with cooking juices and exude stronger punch of flavours. 

S'mores Pie @ RM13.70

Just Pie also churns out a full range of sweet temptations by injecting new ingredients into innovative creations that make the pies as appealing as possible. The thin S'mores pie crust has a crisp, crumbly cookie-like texture and shallow sides that reminds of me a tart. 

Thick, dark chocolate filling and toasted marshmallow topping will definitely melt the hearts of chocolate fanatics as the pie is delightfully oozy, gooey and rich! But the stickiness of the marshmallows and chocolate can be a huge turnoff for some. 

Oreo Pie @ RM13.70

At the first glance, it seems unusual from my all-time favourite no-bake Oreo pie that uses cookie base. Just Pie's version of Oreo Pie is an interesting combination of cake and pie, with multiple layers of cream, chocolate sponge, and Oreo topping sitting on a deep pie crust. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds-- Pastry and cake-- in one dish! 

 Nutella Mille Crepe @ RM15.80

Mille crepe pie seems new to me, but I must admit that it is a delicious spin from the old-fashioned French mille crepe. Creamy and soft, the cake melts in the mouth with rich chocolatey flavour while the crusty pie adds a pleasant crisp texture to it. 

Creamy rich vanilla ice cream (RM2.90) is available as a lovely add-on to your dessert pies 
ranging from the traditional Apple Crumble to modern Tiramisu, Red Velvet and Caramel Banana.

All pies are pegged at affordable prices ranging from RM3.70 to RM15.80, inclusive of 6% GST.

1. The sizable pies, comfortable family-friendly ambiance and wide variety of flavours make Just Pie an ideal venue for all meals of the day.
2. Tastewise, the overall experience is pretty decent considering the great value for money and convenience it offers.
3. Recommended: Creamy-3-Mushrooms Pie

Just Pie @ IOI City Mall
FK-8A, Lebuhraya Lembah Kelang Selatan, 
IOI Resort, 
62502 Putrajaya.

Other outlets:
Just Pie @ The Gardens Mall
LG-C3B (Level LG)

Just Pie @ One Utama
SK106 (Level 1)

Contact: 603 - 7806 3631
Email: info@justpie.com.my
Website: www.justpie.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/justpiekingdom

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  1. Very nice review and recommendation. I like it and I think our family shall visit.


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