23 September, 2015

Umeshu Sushi & Bar @ Shah Alam

My recent Japanese food hunt has brought me to the industrial area of Shah Alam, which I don't usually visit because of the massive congestion during weekdays. But if you're working or staying nearby, then you're lucky because I've just found Umeshu (梅子屋) that can satisfy your Japanese cravings without burning a hole in the pocket.

What attracts me is their super value set meals for breakfast and lunch, priced from RM6 onwards. Seriously, where else can you find such a good bargain? Despite of the affordable price tag, I am surprised that the interior looks quite posh for a casual Japanese eatery, unlike those shabby and unhygienic restaurants I've been elsewhere.

If privacy is your concern, large group diners can opt for the spacious private tatami room.
 Great for friends and family gatherings or any special occasions.

 Salmon Avocado Salad @ RM6.90

The menu here is so extensive that we have to spend a good 10-15 minutes browsing through all the items and decide what to order. Classic Japanese appetizers and fusion salads are aplenty here, but I also notice that they serve popular Japanese snacks such as Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Gyoza as well. 

Soba Avocado Salad @ RM10.90

Both salads taste good to me, but I prefer the salmon avocado salad as the creamy soft avocado and salmon chunks melt in the mouth with tangy homemade dressing. If you prefer something light, then the cold buckwheat noodles salad is recommended as the homemade goma dressing has richer sesame flavour than those ready-made.

Umeshu Special Fried Salmon Roll @ RM13.90

Glancing through the sushi menu, I'm surprised by the art of preparing sushi in creative ways that blend a modern twist that keeps me wanting for more. Look at the luscious piece, it is the crisp outer rice layer that gives the salmon roll a nice crunch and makes it stands out from the rest.

Aburi Salmon Sushi

How about having your salmon half-cooked? On the top layer, it is beautifully sear-flamed with hot fire into crisp, juicy strips. And remains raw at the bottom part of the salmon. I personally enjoy the twist that adds a nice charred flavour to the sushi. 

Salmon Zukushi @ RM16.90

But still nothing beats thick cuts of raw salmon, salmon sushi and salmon mayo sushi if you're a salmon lover.

Assorted Irodori

Not forgetting to mention that each piece of sushi is actually very dense and filling,
considering the compactness of the rice between the seaweed and fish.

Teppan Gyu Steak @ RM18.90

Moving on to the hot individual dishes, we are spoilt with choices ranging from teppanyaki and tempura to agemono and yakimono style cooked items. Our iron-grilled beef steak is perfectly done, and pairs well with the homemade garlic black pepper sauce. The mashed potato is worth a mention too, as it is made from scratch in-house and rich in buttery flavour. 

Salmon Kobuto Teriyaki @ RM10.90

Yakitori Squid

Saba Shioyaki

The rest of the seafood dishes we sample, including BBQ salmon head, grilled squid and salt-grilled mackerel are all fresh and very lightly seasoned to preserve the natural oceanic sweetness. Highly recommended for sharing, if you'd love to try more varieties. 

 Tempura Moriawase @ RM15.90

The deep fried seafood and vegetable assortments taste best when dipped into the homemade tempura sauce. I love the idea of Umeshu for creating all sauces on its own, to give diners the best flavour combinations that we couldn't try elsewhere. Well, you can opt for deep fried mantis prawns if you are seafood lover. 

Tempura Mantis Prawn @ RM8.90

Ishiyaki Salmon Tobiko @ RM15.90

Yes, Umeshu also serves a good range of pasta, ramen, udon and soba but nothing beats the rice dishes here. One just can't go wrong with salmon and flying fish roe rice served in a hot stone bowl. Just mix everything together and enjoy the warm and comforting combo!

Gomoku Kamameshi @ RM20.90

If this is your first time here, this small pot rice dish is a must-try! Just allow the rice to cook till the burning candle goes off (15-20 minutes). And the moment you open the lid, you'd be surprised by the steaming good aroma of salmon, scallop, prawn and chicken in the pot. Again, a mixture of the simple ingredient actually gives a delicious blend of flavours that leaves your stomach full and satisfied.

Unagi Kamameshi @ RM29.90

Similarly, you can opt for beautifully glazed Japanese eels served in the same method. Thanks to the overzealous application of thick teriyaki sauce, everything turns out extra flavourful and delicious!

Ishiyoki Curry Udon @ RM10.90

Finally...something good for spicy lovers. Thick and creamy, I notice the homemade curry here falls on the spicier side, unlike the usual sweet Japanese curry. In fact, it suits more to our Malaysian palate and I guess that explains why Curry Katsu rice is another bestseller at Umeshu! 


Bavaria Pomegranate / Bavaria Peach @ RM4.30

Green tea is probably the best drink to accompany such a heavy meal, but it is harmless to try out the alcohol-free Bavaria malt drink imported from Holland. Interestingly, it is uniquely brewed to contain no alcohol and genuinely a 0.00% beer. Taste wise, it is malty, smooth and refreshing with loads of fruity flavour. Just enjoy without worrying about getting beer belly!

CHOYA Umeshu Japanese Plum Wine

Did you notice that the restaurant is actually named after Umeshu, the famous Japanese plum wine? With a mere 15% alcohol content, the wine gives sweet tartness with prominent fragrance of Ume fruit (Spot the fruit inside my glass!). Highly recommended for ladies and those who love modestly-strong liqueur. 

1. Overall, it is a great dinner at Umeshu, with wonderfully unique and wide varieties to choose from. Thumbs up for having over 100 items on the menu!
2. If I'm not in mood for Japanese cuisine, I'd still drop by for some Western fusion delights that the chef is planning to introduce very soon.
3. Recommended: Ishiyaki Salmon Tobiko, Teppan Gyu Steak, Kamameshi rice
4. Revisit? Yes, if I happen to pass by Shah Alam.

Umeshu Sushi and Bar (Pork-free)
(Same row as Meng Kee Char Siew Restaurant)
8, Jalan U1/36, 
Glenmarie Industrial Park,
40150 Shah Alam,
Contact: 603-5567 9692
Reservation Hotline: 013-232 6338
Facebook: fb.com/Umeshu-sushi-bar
Email: ume.sushibar@gmail.com

Business Hours:
Mon-Sun: 9am - 9pm
*Please call for reservation on Sundays to avoid disappointment


  1. the wine definitely looks lovely. and the food too!

  2. hey, I was there too! hahaha.. good yummy no-frills japanese cuisine. Yum


  3. wau.. the aburi looks gooooood. damn.. I'm hungry now. :(

  4. Japanese food!! Yummy! I love Japanese food and the price looks not bad too

  5. Their super value set meals for breakfast and lunch really is super value.
    What's in their super value set meal?

  6. yummy sushi, thats my favourite. I wanna go there to eat, shall let my dear know of this place.

  7. All looks delicious especially the Aburi Salmon Sushi. NOM NOM =D

  8. Oh my... saw lots of salmon in your post! Avocado plus salmon definitely the best!

  9. Oh I love your pictures, dear! Food looks super delectable. Probably will stop by this place if I happen to be in Shah Alam :) NOM NOM!

  10. I really enjoyed looking at your food photos. I think your skill made the dishes look all the more delicious!

  11. looks like good choices of meal here. nice

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  13. Yaaayyy a place to check out if I am in the area... love the ambience and love the tatami style seating... and the food looks amazing...

  14. The price is quite cheap right. Thanks for letting me know about this place. Will certainly check it out.

  15. lovely! Love the price is affordable too. Would like to try one day.


  16. Really acnnot judge a restaurant by it's outer look la!
    the interior so nice and the food.....i love japanese food!

  17. You ordered a lot ... but the Ishiyoki curry udon looks delicious, yummy. The curry is concentrated!

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  23. Look at all the great food you can eat in this place! I am already feeling hungry just by looking at these!

  24. that's a lot of salmon in all the dishes, but hey me too love love them both raw and cooked


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