02 October, 2015

Digi WWWOW Awards 2015: Malaysia's Only Internet for All Awards

Digi WWWOW Awards is back! I've been supporting this annual award for 5 years now, by casting my votes to few of my blogger friends who were nominated in the past years. This year, Digi WWWOW has become more exciting but the ultimate concept remains: It is always on the lookout for aspiring individuals who make the Internet greater.

Internet. Have you ever imagined how powerful the Internet is? It is home to the ones driven by an insatiable passion to create. Those gifted with the ability to heal. Those with an eagle eye for business. 

And it is also the Internet that makes it possible for Digi WWWOW to take YOUR ideas further! It is based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurship of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others.  

Mark the important dates!

This year, you can join any of the 8 categories for the awards, namely:
1) Videos and Photography
2) Social Influencers
3) Independent Publishers
4) Web E-commerce
5) Mobile E-commerce
6) Social Media E-commerce
7) Social Impact
8) Social Movement

I must admit that all of them are interesting but what caught my attention is the last category, Social Movement which sounds more inspiring and meaningful to me if a little contribution can help create a huge change in the society.

If you have been following me on Instagram (@ohfishiee), surely you'd know I am an avid cafe hopper. I love working on my blog at different cafes every week, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere while having a good sip of coffee.

Well, I must admit that we're so privileged to enjoy good food every now and then, but sometimes I'd think about this question when I'm dining: What are those less fortunate ones having for lunch and dinner?

Behind the scene of how a typical food blogger (Me!) works at home.

Since the trend of posting #foodporn has been growing, why not we do something for those who deserve our help? It'd be great if a collaboration among foodies and restaurants can be done, whereby every qualified food picture we post at the participating outlets, a meal will be donated to the selected charity homes in Malaysia.

In this way, less people would suffer from hunger, and we'd feel even happier to buy our meals if a portion of the price is contributed to the needy. If you have awesome ideas, don't forget to share it out and hashtag #DGWWWOW!

Amazing prizes are awaiting you! Each category winner not only gets RM10,000, but also a golden opportunity to attend the specially curated Digi Hangouts session where industry leaders gather and work together to elevate your businesses, platforms and social ventures. 

Feel free to watch "Digi #WWWOW2015 Awards. Are you the next Internet hero?" on YouTube!

So...If you have something COOL (Be it a project, idea or online business) that you are proud of, don't hesitate to submit your entry HERE, or nominate someone who you think deserves to win. Be quick, because submission closes on 11.59pm, 12 Oct 2015. GOOD LUCK! 

For more information, don't forget to visit www.wwwow.my.
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