12 November, 2015

Hail's Soft Serve @ Damansara Uptown, PJ

Damansara Uptown is no stranger when it comes to appealing and quirky desserts. The newest kid on the block that I recently found is the Hail's Soft Serve cafe, located along the same row as MACE and Baskin Robbins. 

Hail's is painted in a pretty contrasting blue and white shade, with a huge signage in blue; So you will easily notice this cute outlet when you pass by this area. 

Currently, Hail's is serving two flavours of soft serve ice cream with various premium hand-crafted toppings. As they have only two machines which process a single flavour of soft serves each, hence the flavours are only limited to two: Pink Peppercorn and Osaka Black Sesame

The concept here is pretty simple; Pick your soft serve from the fuss-free menu displayed on top,
then place your order and pay before indulging into the milky goodness.

Lemon Pie @ RM15.00

You can have the plain signature Pink Peppercorn on its own-- Not the usual spicy peppercorn. but an aromatic dried berry with sweet fruity flavour, leaving a minty-peppery aftertaste-- 

Or opt for a combo consisting of 2-3 toppings. My Lemon Pie is a tangy, rich combination of melt-in-the-mouth meringue stars, a dollop of lemon curd and sprinkled with vanilla crumble. I'd say it's a light and refreshing marriage of unique ingredients that don't feel overly sweet for my liking. 

Nom Nom Nom @ RM14.00

I also manage to try Hail's premium combo with a quirky name of Nom Nom Nom. Comprising of French pastry crunch (Very flaky and light, yet crunchy like corn flakes) and a langue de chat cookie. The cookie itself is very buttery and nicely complements when dipped into semisweet ice cream.

As for the Black Sesame soft serve, I find it very pleasant in terms of flavour and sweetness, but lacking of the rich aroma of black sesame. Nevertheless, the good thing is, the soft serve here is thicker, milkier, and does not melt quickly. 

Some of the combos that you may be interested in are: J-Pop, featuring green tea and caramel popcorn; as well as Mister Choco, consisting of moist chocolate cloud cake, half chocolate pretzel and Belgium crisp pearl.

The soft serve is good, so is the interior! The cool blue and white fittings give a beautiful contrast to the warm lighting, and I love the added vintage feel by having white glass panels and classic communal tables in the outlet. 

Don't forget to show them some love on Instagram! @hails_softserve

1. Overall, the ice cream is pleasantly milky and creamy, and complements very well with various house made toppings to create different surprises of flavours. 
2. I am looking forward for more combinations of ingredients as soon as Hail's is officially launched!
3. Recommended: Signature Pink Peppercorn frozen ice cream, Lemon Pie combo 

Hail's Soft Serve
28, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +603-7732 7077
Facebook: fb.com/hailssoftserve
Business Hours: 11.30am - 12.00am daily


  1. love the blue theme and the ice cream looks yummy

  2. wow...the soft serve look so yummy. wish to grab it now ...hehe! very close to my studio. will dropby to try it later.

  3. Wow... My favourite sesame ice cream can get it here. Nom Nom Nom... Here I come. Yummy...

  4. I passed by Hail's on Tuesday! But didn't go in, was stuffed after lunch. Will pay this place a visit soon! :D

  5. Presentations are superb! I only wish that parking was easier :'(

  6. I wish I don't have lactose intolerant so badly so that i can eat all these now! D:

  7. nom nom nom.... such a cute name for a conconction..... would love to try it out.....

  8. OMG!
    The deco inside the shop is so camera-ready!
    And the ice-creams look delicious too!
    I will probably take more pictures than eat ice cream if I go here.

  9. as Rawlins said the shop is so camera-ready ^^
    all in blue ... and ice-cream like so yummy !

  10. The ice cream is so cute! Sure a lot youngster going to take pics there hehe.


  11. Now few ice cream cafe opened in klang valley... So yummy, it just near my workplace so I will go when I am free!

  12. Omg I like the environment and the ice cream look nice :)

  13. New place for me to explore. I Love ice- cream so muchie

  14. Feel like softserve ice cream is the in trend food now. everything looks so good.

  15. Ice cream again... You are tempting me. I like the Osaka Black Sesame.

  16. i think softs erve ice creams are very nice, been to one other outlet recently,and I love it to bits!

  17. Ooo, another shop serving soft serve, yummy yummy :)


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