28 January, 2016

Godiva Soft Serve Ice Cream is Here in Nu Sentral & Suria KLCC!

The world-renowned soft serve has finally hit our shores! Godiva's premium soft serve ice cream is now a very much raved dessert in town recently, as it finally arrives at Malaysia after being made available in most of our neighbouring countries. 

Priced at RM22.25 each, you will have a choice of Dark Chocolate, Vanilla White Chocolate or Twist Chocolate soft serve ice cream, served in a crispy waffle cones laced with chocolate crunch bits.

Of course, we all know that GODIVA Chocolatier is a global leader in the premium confectionery category, hence the soft serve gains much popularity quickly after it is launched. For the past few weeks, I have seen both Godiva outlets at Nu Sentral and Suria KLCC were flooded by large crowd because of the soft serve.

*eyeing on the slurping good swirls*

*Must Try* Dark Chocolate Soft Serve

Among the 3 signature flavours, my personal favourite goes to the creamy dark chocolate, in which I can really enjoy the strong, authentic chocolaty aroma and creamy texture. The dark chocolate flavour is very strong, but not sweet at all! I reckon this is the most premium chocolate I have tried. 

The drizzle of chocolate sauce and crunchy chocolate bits add subtle sweetness to the premium cone.

Twist Chocolate Soft Serve

Combining the Dark Chocolate and Vanilla White Chocolate flavours in one cone, it is slightly sweeter than the former, but equally creamy and delicious. I am sure kids will love this flavour! If you prefer something sweeter, then the Vanilla flavour will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Godiva's All-time Favourite Chocolate Drinks are available too;
Looking forward to try it next time!

At Nu Sentral outlet, there are a few tables for dessert lovers to sit and enjoy the soft serves. The other side of the outlet features a beautiful display of Godiva's exquisite collection of chocolates, best for gifting and personal indulgence.

I have spotted GODIVA’s Limited Edition Chinese New Year Collection in classic red gift boxes,
so beautiful and lively right?

At the counter, there are more chocolates! The marriage of diverse shapes and creative tastes is just perfect.

GODIVA Truffes Collection, the utmost sensation of smoothness and crunchiness.

Let's enjoy the frozen pleasures with Godiva! So head to the KLCC and Nu Sentral outlets for this treat.

Suria KLCC: Lot K16, Level 1
Nu Sentral: Lot CC-37, Level Concourse
Website: www.godiva.my
Facebook: fb.com/Godiva


  1. omg everything look so deliciousss <3

  2. Omg...i think this is what heaven and hell would look like if they were combined...hahhahaha heavenly taste ...hellish after effects... all of them looks super yummy..and that choco mint drink..is probably going to be my next target of splurge... ^^ Thanks babe for the post!

  3. omg .. cant wait to give it a try!!

  4. Gosh! rather expensive but i would love to give them a go one day as a treat for myself. hehe

  5. wow...Godiva!!they have ice cream as well...so tempting.wish to try it too!

  6. Love ice cream.. especialy Godiva.. Tempting leh~

  7. Gosh... it's decadently sinful and expensive as it is... maybe I will treat myself to one once in a while..

  8. I love Godiva ice-cream a lot! First time tried it at Japan and I love it!

  9. I am chocolate and ice cream lover. Keep looking at your photos here hehe. Will try it when I'm around there. :)

  10. its really yummy. I had one after my run in KLCC park yesterday. ice cream and chocolate...bliss!

  11. looks so yummy! I wanna try it out too

  12. OMG! Yummy!!! This will definitely taste heavenly!

  13. Dark Chocolate Soft Serve attracts me too. I want to try it this weekend with my Little Angels.

  14. wow! I enjoy their dark chocolate as always :) now I can enjoy the same flavour for ice cream :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. I'm glad that Godiva is at Nu Sentral. I transit there all the time. This gives me something to look forward to on my next trip!

  16. I have not tried this yet... Been busy and do not have the time to go to Nu Sentral and KLCC to try them out =/

  17. Yes tried that the other day, the dark choc is good.

  18. Really like their soft serve, will buy one whenever I pass by the shop :)

  19. when chocolate & ice cream combined is awesome , and it is godiva chocolate

  20. Always been a fan of Godiva! Amazing chocolates.

  21. This looks so good! Love Godiva serves, they are delicious!


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