01 January, 2016

Malacca 5D Art 魔幻立体画世界 @ Lorong Bukit Cina, Melaka

Bored of 3D trick art? No worries, it's 5D now!

The latest 5D trick arts feature painting on plain surfaces that magically appear to be 5-dimensional through the use of optical illusion. Sounds cool? Malacca 5D Art Studio is finally open at Lorong Bukit Cina, beside the famous Capitol Satay Celup restaurant. And I was there to check it out! 

Before heading to Malacca, we had a quick breakfast in Hornbill Kitchen at Fraser's Business Park. Their signature Thai Kuey Teow and Seafood Laksa are highly recommended for big eaters!

Then we packed some handmade Mushroom Buns (蘑菇饱) from Xiao Er Ge to munch in the bus during our journey. Their buns are really soft and well-stuffed with creamy filling. If you love it, you can find their stall at Taman Connaught night market on Wednesdays. 

Arriving at 5D Art Museum, the outlet is easily noticeable as the whole block is painted red with 5D logo. In this 2-storey outlet, you can find more than 40 optical illusion paintings and installations over 5 different themed zones.

The tricky paintings and sculptures are absolutely mind-blowing. I really wonder how the international artist, Sunny Goh (吴丰光, 魔幻立体画世界董事兼国际名画博士) did this! 

It is totally a fun thing to do with your friends when you can see and pose as creatively as you can.
Some art pieces can fit up to 4 persons in a picture, all up to your creativity!

Killing Meghan with my gigantic saw :P

Actually, do you know the difference between 3D and 5D?

For 3D, it requires some props so that the picture appears 3D. But 5D is absolutely different. With just a 2D painting (with or without props), it can create different "illusions" and effects that may surprise you when the photo is taken using different angles.

So...you should try out different angles and your pictures may appear differently!

Don't come out ah, Mr. Hulk!

Hi vintage locomotive, why are you so heavy?!

Hahaha...having cold feet already?

Seriously, I can easily spend hours and hours posing with the 5D arts which look SO real and alive!

The 5D Art museum is open for all ages, so feel free to bring your kids, friends and family along to strike the best pose at all the illustrations there. It definitely promises a series of excitements and unforgettable experience throughout the visit. 

If you're feeling hungry, this is a famous local food shop, 25 LBC Twenty Five, located just few doors away from the 5D Art Museum. This is my first time trying the spicy sweet Satay Celup Noodle! The peanut gravy tastes really good especially when served hot. The Nyonya Rojak is equally yummy too.

It is followed by food hunting along Jonker Street including Durian Cendol from San Shu Gong, before heading back to KL for a sumptuous seafood dinner at Soft Shell Crab Specialist Restaurant in Seri Kembangan, which I have blogged HERE (Click to read my food review!)

1. The overall 3D art experience is amazing; The staff there were friendly and even spent time teaching us how to pose well.
2. Price wise, I think the ticket is reasonable to buy you an unique experience and memorable times with your loved ones 
3. Reason to visit: Unlimited photo opportunity with the 5D art illustrations

Malacca 5D Art Studio
39, Lorong Bukit Cina,
(Next to Capitol Satay Celup)
75100 Melaka.
Contact: 013-387 5555 / 017-992 6665 / 016-207 1010
Operating Hours: 9am - 10pm daily


  1. Wow, it seems like a surely fun place! Best nyaaa :)


  2. Looks like u have fun!
    THe mushroom bao looks so cute!

  3. The gallery is amazing. I continue to be impressed by Uncle Five's imagination!

  4. Hahaha Hilarious ART, i'm so sold on this one, I love how the art makes everything looks so real, its definitely on my list to visit and I'll do a review about it :) Thanks for sharing about this place :)

  5. weh, very nice art! so live like and 3D feel.. love it.

  6. I was in melaka last few months and i was looking for places to go. I read a review on this 3d place saying that the stairs are too high and the place is too small. not worth it to go. but i find you took so many pictures and they all looks fun. I should have gone there before :(

  7. This place is so fun to take photos, will check this out when I travel down to Malacca soon for holiday trip :)

  8. I visit Malacca but never go to this place. Thank for recommendation Fish!

  9. I miss the fun moment of posing at 3D museum! This 5D totally looks awesome, shall visit this fun place when I'm at Melacca!

  10. haha your pictures look so funny. The price is quite reasonable. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I need to visit this place now. This 5D art trick sounds so cool.

  12. LOL, so nice all your photos :) so cute with the 5D art! A must visit for me :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  13. The 5D art seem nice. So sad I cannot make it on that day.

  14. looks awesome and you definitely looked like you had a lot of fun there....

  15. Such a cool place to visit! It would be more real if the drawings are not so cartoonish

  16. your angles for the pics are perfect, it really looks super real

  17. Hahah..that first pic is so funny. I was in Melaka when u go there. Want to go visit that place but its open to public 1Jan right?

  18. Wow! The 'stunts' are pretty awesome! Haha.. Nice 5D experience!

  19. Will be visiting Malacca this coming weekend. Gonna visit this place as well~

  20. Weird. I thought I've already commented on this blog because I've already read this.. Anyway, happy new year!

  21. 5D art museum seems so interesting and fun! i thought you really published your short-less photo for that one second. hahahaha!

  22. Haha cute place! I haven't been to 5D art museum yet... ever! I gotta check this out!


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