03 January, 2016

Shopping at Markets17 Bazaar @ Jaya One, PJ

I haven't had such a fruitful weekend for a long time! Since the last Markets16, I have been looking forward for the upcoming bazaars by Jaya One, because there are just so many things to shop, eat and enjoy there. Finally, before the new year arrives, Markets17 comes at the nick of time for new year shopping! 

It was a two-day weekend bazaar with loads of performances, games,
goodies giveaways and endless offerings from each stall.

Let's attack the food stalls first!
S Juicer Cafe (Facebook: S Juicer Cafe / Instagram: @sjuicercafe)

Kickstarting the day with a boost of vitamins from S Juicer, it was a healthy encounter with this new juice brand that emphasizes on fresh, quality and nutritious products. They also offered Golden Gracie Balls, a healthy snack made of tender oat, peanut butter, chia seeds and flaxseeds with no coloring, preservatives or sweetener. Yes, just raw and natural ingredients, yet they tasted so good with a drizzle of Hershey's chocolate!

DT Juice (Facebook: DTJuice / Instagram: @DT_Juice)

Then I found another 100% raw, 0% addictive and nutrient dense juice from this stall. I tried the yellow Pepper Crunch juice, a metabolism-boosting concoction of capsicum, ginger, apple and lemon that "woke me up" instantly!

Managed to grab some healthy snack from Juus Juice (Website: www.juus.my / Facebook: JuusJuice) too;
You can check out their yummy juices via my previous blog post: HERE.

There were lots more choices of hot food, snacks and desserts where you could eat there or bring them home.

Moving on to the fashion and beauty stalls..... Car boot sales were spotted!
Selected vendors were able to utilize the Honda cars to display their products.

Josh Lee Fragrances (Website: www.joshleefragrances.com / Facebook: JoshLeeFragrances)

One of them is Josh Lee, a Penang-born and award-winning Fragrance Designer, who created his very own Heritage fragrance line. I got myself a pink bottle of Heritage- Culture- NYONYA perfume that exudes graceful notes of rose, jasmine, white peony and orchid. Definitely a to-go scent for the females! 

[Beauty] DocLab Face Ampoule, L'affair Vitamin Mask and Dr. Althea products from Korea

CR Nailz and Smeeka (Facebook: smeeka / Instagram: @smeeka.my)

If I had time to spare at the bazaar, I wouldn't mind going for a pampering session here as they were offering a free hand spa using Smeeka's natural, handmade beauty products. The signatures include Sugar Rose XOXO, a luxurious 100% natural exfoliating rose scrub that exfoliates and softens the skin, as well as magical Pedi Bomb for a relaxing foot soak. 

Peep Boutique (Website: www.peepb.com / Instagram: @peepboutique)

Bumped into some of my favourite online boutiques there, where tonnes of
newly-arrived clothes and tattoos were offered with massive discounts!

Leihusky (Facebook: leihuskystuff / Instagram: @leihusky)
Handmade lapel pins are in trend now. Love the Leihusky logo collar pins in gold!

fourjei (Website: www.fourjei.com / Facebook: fourjei)
Spotted more cool stuff there: Limited-edition handmade canvas bags accessorized with genuine leather items.

Cuteness overload! Bring them home for your kids or your girlfriend perhaps?

Awesome Pawsome (Facebook: S Juicer Cafe / Instagram: @awesome.pawsome_my)
Well, the bazaar is not just for you, but for your furkids too. The homemade pets’ food is so cute right!

Finally...when I was done with shopping and filling the stomach, it was pleasant to watch some live band performances on stage and be entertained by the mini game sessions that hosted giveaways for the bazaar visitors.

CubeCrate Malaysia (Website: www.cubecrate.com.my / Facebook: CubeCrateMalaysia)

Last but not least, I managed to pick up my Christmas Surprise Box from Cubecrate, and was surprised by loads of goodies in it--- Tara tattoos in metallic, Santa socks, a Christmas recipe, lipbalm, and earrings from Potsie Pottie. Don't forget to grab one for your friends and surprise them too! 

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  1. Hello Fish!

    Thank you so much for the shout out! :) I really appreciate it!
    Hope to see you at the next Markets, do drop by to say Hello! :)

    Cheers & have an awesome week ahead!
    Wei Ni.

  2. Hi Fishiee!
    I think we missed meeting you in person at Markets 17. Still, we hope you enjoyed the pedi bomb and sugar scrub. Which ones did you get? :)


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