19 January, 2016

Review: DEOPROCE Korea Snail Galac-toc Revital Skincare: Toner, Emulsion, Cream

Hi babes! Today's beauty review is solely on a Korean skincare brand called Deoproce. I am not sure if you have heard of it but apparently it seems popular in Korea, especially this Snail Galac-toc Revital series which I got it from HiShop Malaysia.

Suitable for: All skin types.
Recommended for: Dehydrated and tired skin.
Features: Whitening, anti-wrinkle, deep hydration

DEOPROCE Snail Galac-tox Revital 5-step skincare collection uses the special snail secretion filtrate, which is effective to improve skin texture, form a protective film and moisturize skin, resulting in healthy and supple skin.

Galactomyces Ferment filtrate which is made with natural fermented yeast supplies rich nutrition and skin balance to add gloss and dew to the skin. Also infused with Volufiline, a patented ingredient which is effective in improving skin elasticity and softness. 

5-step to revitalize skin: Toner, Emulsion, Night Cream, Eye Cream and Sleeping Pack. 

 Deoproce Snail Galac-Tox Revital Toner (130ml)  @ RM99.90

After cleansing, always begin with generous amount of toner and pat lightly to absorb. This toner is slightly thicker than liquid, as it is rich in highly condensed snail mucus that makes skin smooth and moist. After toning, the skin appears softer and plump. Goodbye to dead skin cells and wrinkles too.

Deoproce Snail Galac-Tox Revital Emulsion (130ml)  @ RM99.90

Then we seal the skin moisture using this highly condensed snail mucus emulsion that enhances shine and improves coarse and dry skin texture. Volufiline in the emulsion aids in improvement of skin elasticity, alleviating wrinkles. Suitable for both day and night. 

Texture wise, it has a lightweight lotion-like consistency that feels soothing on the skin.
After gently spreading a thin layer over the skin, remember to massage lightly for maximum absorption. 

 Deoproce Snail Galac-Tox Revital Cream (50g) @ RM119.00

What not to be missed is this revital cream which is used as a Night Cream. Thanks to its snail nutritional elements, it is important to enhance skin elasticity and moisture, to slowly firm and smoothen the skin after an extended period of using it. 

Do you know that snails recover damaged shells on their own? So, by including the extracts of snail's formidable recovering energy in snail mucin, this cream can be said powerful for its repairing properties. The texture is quite thick, so I only use a little and spread all over the skin.

My personal experience with Deoproce is quite pleasant, considering its nice texture and ease of application on the skin. This series is a good bargain, as the price is reasonable and well-suited for my dry skin.

Don't forget to visit HiShop for more information and products!
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  1. So long I didn't shop in Hishop d... Nice product!

  2. Oh HiShop is back! looks like a good products there.


  3. Oh HiShop! It's been a while purchasing anything from them. The packaging looks exclusive

  4. Snail toners are always the best! hehe. Theres no doubt that its good :)

  5. First time I heard about Hishop..tq for sharing this!

  6. Deoproce Snail Galac-Tox Revital Toner looks good to reduce my wrinkles. Will try it out.

  7. This is the first time I heard this brand, thanks for introducing. The price is quite pocket friendly for skin care range :)

  8. Its my first time come across this brand DEOPROCE, the packaging looks luxury thou.

  9. Interesting brand. I have not heard of this before but it sounds interesting and I would really love to try this as my matured skin is getting harder to maintain...

  10. i can't wait to try out their products.. it's not too expensive. :D

  11. Hishop is up and running again? Kinda amazed they are still around after the previous incident O_O

  12. haven't heard of this brand though.. like reading through blogs as I get to find out all the different brands out in the market.

  13. I have been hearing so many good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too :)


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