08 January, 2016

WeChat Spin & Win Dragon-i Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot

It is the time for Chinese New Year celebration with Dragon-i again!

This year is more special as Dragon-i is collaborating with WeChat Malaysia to reward you and I. They are currently having the “Spin and Win” WeChat Game (幸运大轮盘) from 6th January 2016 until 29th February 2016, where you can win away cash vouchers and prizes of up to RM28,888!

How to join? Easy pessy! Just download WeChat app, follow the official account of Dragon-i (dragonimy); then click on the button of “Spin and Win” in the menu bar to fill in your personal details.

Big prizes such as cash vouchers, Chinese New Year pastries and many more will be included in the roulette. I only manage to win a cash voucher, but if you're lucky, you may walk away with the grand prize-- Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot worth RM438!

Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot (新春鲍鱼盆菜) @ RM438

Dragon-i's famous Treasure Pot has everything you need in an auspicious New Year-- 18 types of ingredients to bring good luck, money and fortune. It includes:

  • Braised Premium Australian Abalone (12 heads)
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Japanese Dried Scallops
  • Japanese Dried Oysters
  • Premium Mushrooms
  • Pantai Remis Fresh Sea Prawns
  • Roast Chicken
  • Braised Trotters
  • Golden Money Bags (Imported!)
  • Pork Balls
  • Dried Beancurd Skin
  • Yam
  • Black Moss
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Deep-fried Beancurd Skin
  • Radish

 All the premium ingredients are cooked in the special Braised Oyster and Abalone Sauce,
weighed at a total of 9 pounds.

It is available for dine-in and takeaways from now until 22th February 2016. For takeaways, it will be stored in a high quality stainless steel pot, which can be easily reheated before serving. Available for take away on Chinese New Year’s Eve (7th February 2016) before 3pm (Reservation is to be made 3 days in advance).

For Dragon-i Card and HSBC Credit and Debit Card holders, the Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot is now available at an amazing promotional price of RM438. The Treasure Pot is bundled with eighteen ingredients and can be enjoyed by 6-8 persons. It comes with a complimentary Raw Salmon Fish with Jelly Fish Yu Sheng (RM68).

Raw Salmon Fish with Jelly Fish Yu Sheng (七彩三文鱼捞生) @ RM48-half portion / RM68-full portion 
Let's toss for the best of Red Fire Monkey Year in 2016!

 Fried Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat (生炒腊味饭) @ RM48

Here's another festive offering that is not to be missed in Dragon-i! Topped with high-quality Chinese pork sausages and waxed duck meat, every spoonful of the grainy rice is punch packed with strong aroma of preserved meats, achieving a balance of juicy flavours on its own. 
Other seasonal items such as Auspicious Glutinous Rice Cake (发财年糕), Radish Cake with Dried Scallop and Preserved Meat (瑶柱腊味萝卜糕), Water Chestnut Cake with Osmanthus (桂花机子马蹄糕), Yam Radish Cake with Preserved Meat (腊味芋头糕) are also available at Dragon-i to bring you the best of Chinese New Year.

So what are you waiting for? Quick download WeChat app and follow "dragonimy"!
The promotion is available across all Dragon-i outlets in Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru and Melaka.

For more information, please call the Dragon-i Hotline on +603-7806 3188 or
visit the website at www.dragon-i.com.my and Facebook Page at facebook.com/mydragoni.
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