08 April, 2016

Join me at NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Empower Run!

Hello from NIVEA! ❤ Thank you Nivea for the latest Pearl and Beauty Deodorant 
that further improves my antiperspirant experience especially during the extra hot weather nowadays.

They contain precious pearl extract to nourish the underarms, making it fresher, smoother and pearly white! What I like about it is the 48-hours protection against perspiration and gentle on the skin because it has no harsh chemicals. 

Personally, I prefer the spray version because of the instant refreshing sensation it gives on the skin. 

 But the roll-on deodorant is more convenient to bring around and use it anytime anywhere you want,
giving you more confidence and stay fresh always.

That's what NIVEA always believes! When you are confident, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. Hence, it's time to empower women by helping the poor and underserved women through NIVEA Pearl and Beauty Empower Run on 5th June 2015!

All proceeds will be donated to a charity organization, For Wisdom And Revolutionary Development (FORWARD), an NGO accustomed with helping the underserved community by imparting proper training so that the underserved can earn their bread and butter.

NIVEA aims to lend a helping hand and equip them with the necessary skills and training so that they can earn a living to send their children to school, something which they were deprived off due to dearth of finances. Only by making these changes will they be able to free themselves from poverty.

Let's get empowered and defy all boundaries with NIVEA this,
don't forget to save the date ya!

Date: 5th June 2016, Sunday
Time: 7am - 10am (Flag off: 7.30am)
Venue: Setia City Mall - Oval Field
Route: 5km


  1. What a good cause this run is. Too bad I am tied up in Ipoh that morning.

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  4. So looking forward to this.. hope can join in the run... and loving the new Nivea range scent...

  5. Looks like a great run for a good caused. I want to support it too.

  6. Thanks for the infor will check it out.

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