18 July, 2016

蔡依林PLAY世界巡回演唱会-马来西亚站: Jolin Concludes Her PLAY World Tour 2016 in Malaysia!

我呸我PLAY! A big THANK YOU to IMC Live Group, the concert organizer for having me at Jolin Tsai 2016 PLAY World Tour Malaysia. Her world tour concert has started since July last year, and finally she is here in Malaysia, the final stop of the world tour.

It has been 4 years since her last concert in Malaysia, so her loyal fans are willing to brave through the heavy rain and dance along on the muddy field as the concert begins. In fact, this show marks the first outdoor performance of Jolin’s entire PLAY World Tour, yet the spirits are high despite of the downpour.

The stadium has transformed into a pink wonderland as the massive crowd totalling 11,000 fans flood into the stadium with their pink “PLAY” glow sticks. The roars of excitement fill the space as Jolin appears on stage adorned with a magnificent Medusa-inspired headpiece, and then sings her latest hit song, 美杜莎.

Don’t you think she is just like a goddess in this mystical outfit? I notice that her outfits follow a sequence of themes, but they are not entirely the same as her previous shows of PLAY World Tour.

The concert is filled with a constant stream of cheers as Jolin performs her ever improving upbeat dance moves, despite of the slippery floor on stage.

Most of Jolin’s songs used to accompany me during my high school days, among my favourites are 倒带,天空, 马德里不思议 and more. I’m so happy that she actually sings all these old classics during the concert, and this definitely prompts the crowd to sing along with her. 

As she sings another classic song, 舞孃, every line of her lyrics reminds me of her hard work and raw talent. Her perseverance in this entertainment industry is something that I always admire about her.

The best part is, she thanks her fans for their loyal support over the year and even invites two of them on stage to sing and dance along with her. How lucky they are!

Although there is no guest artist for this concert, Jolin manages to surprise us with an amazing love song– 小情歌 originally sung by 苏打绿. Through this sentimental song, it further proves that Jolin is certainly an excellent dynamic performer, be it in her vocal singing or upbeat dancing.

There is a section of the show during which Jolin took the cameras into her own hands and orchestrated a few selfies with the thrilled crowd.

Jolin also thanks her amazing team during the concert– Amazing dance team, directed by legendary duo Travis Payne and Stacey Walker, musicians and backup singers.

Well PLAYed, Jolin! Overall, this concert is a fantastic showcase of her infectious dance energy and mind-blowing vocal performance. It is another huge success to her and I certainly look forward to watching her concert again in future!

Jolin Tsai’s concert in Malaysia is also supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia. 

For more information on the upcoming concerts, visit IMC Live Group Facebook Page

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