31 August, 2016

Review: Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily Contact Lenses

Guess what contact lens am I wearing today?

For colored lens wearers, I'm sure you have heard of the beautiful Lacelle Jewel contact lens series by Bausch + Lomb which was launched last year. It is a great news for me when I heard that the brand is introducing something equally pretty, but with extra comfort-- Lacelle Diamond Daily, a daily disposable cosmetic contact lens.

It is because I usually wear contact lenses for extremely long hours, so I need something really comfortable and non-drying to the eyes. Hence, daily lens becomes my top choice nowadays, especially Bausch + Lomb which is famed for its comfort, functionality and safety. Plus, the brand has a proven track record of more than 160 years! 

What's best about the dailies is the unique design that no other has before! The light-reflecting facets of a solitaire-cut diamond printed on the lenses bring sparkle and shine to the eyes. More importantly, the 13mm pattern diameter makes my eyes look bigger, even without makeup.

Currently this series offers powered lens to correct short-sightedness. It'd be perfect if it comes with astigmatism correction in future!

 10 sterile soft contact lenses per box @ RM42 /
30 sterile soft contact lenses per box @ RM110
❤ 1 Day Disposable
❤ Material :  Methafilcon A
 Water Content : 55%
 Country of Origin : Korea
 Base Curve : 8.6mm
 Diameter : 13mm

 Colours available : Aqua Glacier, Champagne Brown, Pink Rose

With natural light:

With flash light:
Both pictures above are taken without eye makeup, under two different types of lighting. The diamond-cut design is pretty visible even under natural light, and becomes more obvious with flashlight. I am sure it helps to enhance my overall look in pictures.

I am also surprised that it gives a larger and pronounced iris for a doe-eyed look even without any eye makeup! Totally suitable for a day-to-day wear. But for special occasions, the eyes will become more mesmerizing with full makeup on. 

1. I love how Bausch + Lomb brings comfort to the next level without compromising on the eye health.
2. The diamond-like dazzling design is so pretty and elegant, suitable for all types of look.
3. However, the price falls slightly on the higher side, but I appreciate the great value for money because comfort is the ultimate key for contact lenses. 

Don't forget to visit www.facebook.com/lacellemy for more info!

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