07 September, 2016

Review: MELVITA Organic Rose Floral Water + Argan Oil

Pampering the skin with the best of mother's nature is a dream come true when I finally have my hands on Melvita’s awesome range of organic, natural and effective beauty products. I have long heard about Melvita’s fame as a French pioneer in organic beauty products since 1983, and its strong commitment towards protecting the nature, hence the first impression towards this brand is pretty good. I mean, really, not many brands can achieve that.

I agree with what Melvita believes in-- Beauty is real, authentic, alive and organic. For example, the best-selling Organic Rose Floral Water is exactly what we need for naturally beautiful skin. To be honest, I have tried plenty of rose water available in beauty stores, but after trying Melvita’s product, I finally learn why Melvita’s Organic Rose Water is so different from the rest.

MELVITA Organic Rose Floral Water (200ml) @ RM128.00

Certified organic and fair trade (EFT attested), I have no doubt about the source of the fresh Rosa damascena petals used in producing the floral water. Combined with unique extraction technology, the floral water produced is extra rich in active ingredients, hence deliver the natural power into the skin.

I love putting one bottle in the office just to combat dehydration and regenerate my skin because of the dry, air-conditioned environment.

The scent? It is naturally rosy sweet, but I find it a tad rich, like someone presents me with thousands of stalks of roses. Perhaps I am just not a huge fan of rose. Nevertheless, a few sprays on the face works well as a face mist as it is refreshing with delicate scent lingering on the nose.

Perhaps I should also consider other Melvita’s floral water such as corn flower, orange blossom or witch hazel that comes in distinctive scents to soothe the skin, mind and soul.

MELVITA Argan Oil (50ml) @ RM138.00

Apart from that, Melvita has also been actively involved in the formulation of beauty oils for the past 30 years. Among the creation includes Argan, Avocado, Calendula, Nigella, Rose Hip, Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond and Castor Oil. The best part is, it helps me find the ideal beauty oil that suits my skin condition.

So I have gotten this Melvita Argan Oil for my dry complexion. Exceptionally rich in Omega 9, Omega 6 and sterols, Argan Oil is recommended for its strong regenerating, protective and anti-ageing properties.

Texture wise, the oil is not too thick, just nice to be flowy enough on the surface and easily absorbed into the skin. As I warm a drop of Argan Oil on my palm then gently massage on the skin, I am surprised that it penetrates the skin so quickly that it leaves almost no residue at all.

Apart from the quick absorption, I really love its 3-in-1 functional properties:
 Nourish facial skin 
 Repair body skin
❤ Soothe dry hair

It definitely makes life more convenient especially when travelling, because a small bottle like this is good to use on all parts of the body, face and hair. Just chuck a bottle into the luggage and I’m ready to go for a long vacation without worrying about my skin condition.

Another useful tips for you: Melvita Argan Oil is a great remedy to soothe burning sensation; just massage gently on irritated areas.

The ideal result? Just include the two products into your daily skincare regime, and you'll see significant improvement in your skin condition.

How does it works? The first step (Rose Floral Water) rehydrates and preps the skin for better absorption of the next products into the skin. Then the second step (Argan Oil) is warmed on the palm and massaged into skin to allow repairing of the dry and fragile skin. 

1. Pricewise, it is okay for me considering the high quality organic products. Plus, one bottle is able to last me for months. 
2. Love the refreshing sensation upon every spray of the Rose Floral Water.
3. Rating: 4.5/5. After being a satisfied customer for the Rose Water and Argan Oil, I’m pretty sure that I’d purchase more products from Melvita the next time I pass by its store.

Thanks Melvita for showing me the most natural, organic way of achieving beauty.
If you have yet to discover beauty with Melvita, you gotta check it out now!

Don't forget to visit Melvita for more information:
Facebook: fb.com/MelvitaMY

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  1. Hi,I would like to ask if my skin is mild acne skin(could be oily on the surface yet dry inside), is it advisable to use argan oil+rose floral water?


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