16 September, 2016

Review: Scalp Check & Treatment at Miracle Hair Expert

Hi! If you have been following my hair transformation journey on Instagram, I am sure you notice how often do I dye my hair. I visit my hair salon for a makeover every 2 months on average, and hair treatments in my monthly routine.

Despite of that, I realise it is not sufficient because chemical treatments generally cause hair loss, itchy or oily scalp, dry hair etc. After rounds of hair dyeing, my scalp and hair need to replenish the nutrients, hence a complete scalp check-up and specialised treatment is recommended. 

And that explains why am I here at Miracle Hair Expert (MHE) Premium outlet in IOI Mall, Puchong. It is a leading hair care centre operating in Malaysia since 10 years ago, specialising in developing advanced technological treatments / hair care products to cater for people with hair issues.

Like any ordinary hair salon, MHE has dedicated seats for customers and a hair wash area. 

My pampering journey here begins with a cup of herbal tea, which is said to be beneficial to the hair.

In fact, the key ingredients used in the treatments/ products are herbal extracts, combined with cutting-edge technology to extract the maximum amount of effective herbal elements, without any harmful chemical content. 

Tested and developed in Japan, the solutions here mainly focus on different customers’ types of hair loss. 

Then we proceed to the consultation room for a quick scalp check -up.

Are you aware of the importance of going for an annual hair and scalp check-up? If you are aware, are you doing it? Well, a lot of us are willing to spend thousands on chemical treatments to "beautify" the hair (e.g. Color, straighten, perm, etc) but we tend to neglect the proper hair and scalp care regime.

The hair expert here shares with me about the 5 main hair problems among Malaysians:
    Itchy scalp (35%)
    Oily scalp (24%)
    Hair loss (21%)
    Dry hair
    Bad dandruff (17%) and the rest other issues.

Remember: It is best to go for a detailed hair / scalp check half or at least once a year.
By doing annual hair / scalp check, hair problems can be reduced by 60%! 

The words hit me as I realise I have all of the symptoms mentioned!
So...now it's time for a proper examination on the scalp to diagnose my hair problem.

Hair / scalp check assists in identifying skin-related issues like hair shaft defects, clogged follicles, scalp dehydration, sodium buildup, dirt, fungal and bacterial infections, as well as other nutrient deficiencies.

Sorry, the above picture of my scalp is a little gross! 

From the microscopic scalp analysis, I am shocked to see that plenty of oil slick on the scalp. Greasy roots and dry ends are common especially for those who always do chemical treatments on the hair. 

The root to healthy hair is the scalp which essentially is a skin or dermatological concern. By knowing what exactly is the cause of the problem, it is easier for MHE to prescribe the solution.

Well, therefore,  as much as DIY hair &and scalp treatment sounds affordable for some, it is definitely NOT great idea because the hair issues may become worse with the wrong solutions! 

To cleanse away all the oil slick, I choose the Advanced Growth System (AGS) treatment.

This treatment includes deep follicle cleansing, follicle repairing, growth stimulation, hair loss prevention and strengthening hair. It effectively saves us from drastic hair loss problems and then promotes a healthy hair growth cycle and the hair will recover to its natural and thicker healthy-looking hair.

The first step of AGS therapy is to shampoo the hair and rinse off.

Then it is followed by the use of a herbal solution (looks like Chinese tea)
to rub against the scalp and remove the dirt/ impurities on the surface. 

After that, hair steaming is required to open the hair follicles/ pores for better moisture absorptionIt also helps to instantly improve blood flow and circulation in order to stimulate hair follicle and release stress from the scalp.

Another solution used during the treatment is MHE's special herb-based remedy to resolve drastic hair loss problem and stimulate new hair growth. It is a gentle rubbing of soaked cotton pads against the scalp, so the overall feel is very comfortable and relaxing. 
AGS Treatment: Before VS After-treatment Result
Now the hair follicles can finally continue to grow and recover to the natural, healthy hair!

After the AGS therapy, I go for the scalp check again and... ta-daa! The scalp is now clean, without any oil slick or dirty substances sticking on it anymore. The best part is, it takes less than 90 minutes for the entire treatment-- So quick and effective! 

Extra tips for healthy hair:
Eat more of these: Salmon, Mackerel, Dark green vegetables (Spinach, broccoli), Beans, Nuts (Brazil nuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Cashews, Almonds), Poultry, Eggs, Whole Grains and Oysters.
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For more information on Miracle Hair Expert, please call the careline at +603-8955 6833 or visit:

Bonus Tips!

Want to temporarily hide those hair losses while doing hair treatment?
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We understand that hair loss treatment takes few months or years, plus we need to go out everyday with the hair loss issue. Therefore, toppik is here to the rescue!

Toppik Hair Building Fibers

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The Advantages of Using Toppik Hair Building Fibres

Organic keratin: Toppik Fibers are made up of pure, organic keratin protein making it the answer to naturally thicker looking hair without the use of harmful chemicals and additives. The use of keratin means that the fibers are hypoallergenic and will not clog pores or dry out scalp the way many other hair thickening products do, therefore you can use them for all your natural hair loss treatment routine!

Toppik Hair Building Fibers resist wind, rain and perspiration for long-lasting results. It will not stain your shirt yet it can be washed off easily with shampoo. In short, it gives you the pleasure of a 1 minute transformation that covers your bald patch instantly while remaining in place for an exceptional amount of time.

For before and after photo, visit https://toppikmalaysia.com/before-after/

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