18 September, 2016

[TRAVEL] 2D1N Romantic Getaway to Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village at Da Nang, Vietnam : Fly Me To France!

Hello from France! Opps, I mean French Village!

Hi!  I just came back from Da Nang after spending 4 days 3 nights exploring the beautiful coastal city-- from its various historical sites to pristine beaches. Our schedule was pretty tight, but I was so happy that we managed to spend 2 days 1 night at the French Village in Ba Na Hills, the home of 19th century French old charm. 

Ba Na Hills is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for couples, families and solo travelers,
especially for future husbands and wives who want to take pre-wedding photographs there!

Step 1: By AirAsia flight: Kuala Lumpur–Da Nang (KUL–DAD) route has 4x weekly flights on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (2 hours 35 minutes per flight)
Step 2: Take cab from Da Nang International Airport (40 minutes drive) to Ba Na Hills 
Step 3: Take Ba Na Cable Car from Ba Na Hills Ground Station to the peak: Ba Na Hills French Village  

(Two-way ticket to enter Ba Na Hills Resort)
600,000 VND per adult / 
500,000 VND per child of height 100cm-130cm / 
Free for children below 100cm

*Ticket includes FREE 90 games at Fantasy Park
*Ticket is valid for 1 day 

First ride going up to Ba Na Hills: 7.30am
Last ride going down from Ba Na Hills: 8.45pm 

Ba Na Cable Car is one of the longest non-stop single-track cable car system with a total length of 5,801 meters. The system has 201 cabins in total, transporting about 3,000 people per hour. So no worries about long queue even during the super peak periods!

From the ground (Suoi Mo Station) to the mid hill (Ba Na Station), it takes around 17 minutes. Imagine 17 minutes of a cable car ride overlooking the panoramic mountain scenery I am totally in love!

Then we transfer to another cable car (in yellow) for a short ride up the peak (Morin Station, where the French Village is located).


Located at the top of the Bana Mountain range, just outside of Danang, Mercure Bana Hills French Village is a French dream come true ❤ I feel like time-travelling back to the ancient French villages in the glorious 19th century as I am surrounded with beautifully-designed French squares, churches, post office and historical houses.


Located 1,487 meters above sea level, Ba Na Hills has the best climate compared to other tourist destinations I visited in Da Nang. The temperature during the day is below 20 degrees around the year.

But the most unique thing here is: You can experience ALL 4 seasons in 1 day!

Feel the breeze of SPRING in the morning,
energy of SUMMER at noon,
joy of AUTUMN in the afternoon, and
cold of WINTER in the evening! 

6pm in the evening: The weather is so cold and misty after a heavy rain!

April - September: Best time for summer escape, but do expect more crowd (both local and foreign).
October - February: Winter season / midweek is ideal if you prefer less crowd.


Hidden within this cluster of ancient architectures are the resort amenities, modern entertainment, 19 eateries and 20 gift shops which I don't even realise! 

The best part is, we can feel the festive atmosphere everyday here! Melodies of street performances by European artists such as jugglery, fire dancing, portrait painting, body painting and lively carnival are totally enjoyable. 

Did I forget to mention that every corner of Ba Na Hill is injected with Vietnamese cultuiral heritage? Spiritual landmarks such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple, Linh Phong Tower, Tru Vu Tea House and Ba Shrine are just stairs away!   


Take a ride on the funicular (Train service mountaineering) to visit Le Jardin D'Amour Garden, Debay Wine Cellar and Linh Ung PagodaAlong the tramway, the magnificent view of the sea from the top of the mountain is so breathtaking that I was breathless for a second! 

100,000 VND per adult + FREE Debay Wine Cellar Tour 

Totally on cloud nine when being surrounded by thousands of blooming flowers! 

This is the largest garden I've been to so far! Built in a huge 8,206 metre square area, the garden is comprised of 10 beautiful smaller gardens, each telling its own story of love and rhythm of feeling. 


While the Fantasy Park has over 90 types of indoor games (Arcades and fun rides), I am more excited to go for an Alpine Coaster ride which winds down the double spiral curves on the mountain in a stunning course!

With two tracks of 1km in total, each coaster can fit two persons, and we can control the speed ourselves. Thrill seekers can go up to 40km/h, try it along the curves and you'll enjoy this fun extreme ride! 

Most importantly, this ride allows us to better immerse ourselves into the beauty of Ba Na Hills.

Price: 100,000 VND per adult /
Free for child below height 130cm
Operating Hours: 8.00am - 6.30pm 

The first and only wax museum in Vietnam displays over 49 handmade Italian wax figures of the world's famous people such as Steve Jobs, Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga, Bruce Lee, Hugh Jackman, Maria Sharapove, Shakira, and more. From celebrities to politicians, I am sure you wouldn't want to miss the chance of taking pictures with them!

Check-in time: 2pm
Check-out time: 11am

Since Ba Na Hills has so many attractions that you can't possibly visit all in one day, it is recommended to spend a night here so that you can have ample time to explore the place. 2 days 1 night at Ba Na Hills is just perfect to fit into your Da Nang travel itinerary! 

Courtesy to Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills Hotel, I get to stay at one of the classic 19th century European room here. All the 494 rooms here are tastefully furnished and well-equipped with amenities such as portable heater to warm your room during the chilly night!

From the furniture and fixtures for the royals to the upholstery fabrics and decors, I truly appreciate the great attention to detail by the host to ensure a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for the guests. For instance, a large 4-seasons swimming pool features temperature control so that we have the right water temperature to swim in! 

Overall, the beautiful 4-star complex gives an experience as if it is a 6-star hotel! I FEEL LIKE A PRINCESS HERE ❤ I am lucky to get a room with a verandah where the stunning view of the surrounding architecture and immense Ba Na Mountain ranges is just right in my eyes!


Fine dining options are aplenty here, be it for local or international cuisine. Featuring a landscaped terrace sit-out area and indoor dining space, L'Etable is the right place to enjoy Vietnamese-Asian cuisine in the finest state

Appetizer: Crispy Seafood Spring Roll
Salad: Beef Salad with Baby Cress, Onion, Tomato and Shrimp Cracker
Soup: Crab Meat Soup with Da Lat Asparagus and Sesame Oil
Main: Beef Stew with Baguette, Lemongrass and Chilli
Dessert: Cream Caramel with Da Lat Strawberry

Looking at the 5 -course menu, I am already salivating! Thank you L'Etable for the great service and delicious traditional Asian cuisine; The dishes are easily acceptable as they taste very close to the Malaysian Chinese / Western flavours.

Special thanks to AirAsia, Da Nang Tourism and Mercure Hotel for the amazing trip!

1. I have honestly left my heart at this romantic, fine space of the unique, ancient French architecture. Will definitely be back for another visit; Perhaps during my pre-wedding shoot in future?
2. Truly an unforgettable experience of nature, cultural heritage, enjoyable stay and fine food. I will miss the cold weather, stunning panoramic views of the hill and French country-style buildings dearly!
3. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for minimum 2 days 1 night stay, otherwise one-day trip is too short to make your Ba Na Hills Mountain trip well-worth.  

Ba Na Hills 
An Son - Hoa Ninh,
Hoa Vang prefecture,
Da Nang City,
Phone: +84 (0511) 3791 999
Fax: +84 (0511) 3791 888
Email: booking@banahills.com.vn 


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