12 October, 2016

Review: THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP (How Important is Pre-Essence as Your First Skincare Step?)

Have you started using skincare which reverses the signs of aging from the very first step? 

Pre-essence / Pre-serum seems to be a Korean beauty trend nowadays. It is an additional step in your skincare routine, done after cleansing and before toning. And THE FACE SHOP’s “THE THERAPY First Serum” is something new to me-- It is not merely a "pre-essence", but can also be used in 5 different ways to deliver the best of the skin.

This popular Korean brand has brought to us the 200-year-old natural blending therapy from Europe that delivers excellent anti-aging effects on skin. Don’t get me wrong, this product is not just meant for the “matured” customers. I am only 24 and am already using it because it is so good, so nourishing for my skin!

Back in the 19th century, the therapy combines different botanical ingredients and processing techniques into 135 hand-blended recipes to rejuvenate the skin’s vitality and restore the skin’s radiance. Can you imagine this “food for the skin” is used to beautify the skin for over 200 years?!

Now, with cutting-edge technology, THE FACE SHOP is able to combine the perfection of nature and science.....hence THE THERAPY First Serum is born!

THE THERAPY First Serum (130ml) @ RM148.29 (Inclusive 6% GST) 

Look at the beautiful packaging, I love how the boldly embossed glass bottle with a light gold cap exudes a sense of elegance. The content should last one for 2 months, and it is good to have a volume indicator printed on the bottle to help monitor the volume usage. 

It comes with THE THERAPY Green Tea Cotton Pad (30 pads, not for individual sale).

I appreciate how THE FACE SHOP skincare products always remind me of going back to nature—
Natural ingredients are still the most harmless, skin-friendly substances on earth.

For instance, this First Serum contains a blend of Thalassotherapy Essential Water (French “Healing Sea Water” which contains 100 times more mineral than the famous European mineral water Evian) and 3 types of natural Essential Oils:

Palmarosa: Antibacterial and antiseptic properties treat skin issues
Avocado: Excellent skin moisturiser!
Sandalwood: Reduce signs of aging

The benefit? ❤ This one product can bring everything you need:

Anti-aging + Anti-dryness + Rich moisture + Healthy radiance 
+ Nourishing + Gentle exfoliation + Boosting effects

And its uniqueness? The First Serum can be used with your existing range of skincare be it oily, sensitive, dry or combination—because it can enhance absorption with ANY treatments used after the First Serum.
Here comes the best part: Although THE THERAPY First Serum is highly recommended as your first step after cleansing, it has many more usages which some of us may not be aware of!

#1. First Step in Skincare
How To Use: Apply 1-2 pumps directly onto skin.

I always use it immediately AFTER cleansing and BEFORE toning because the skin is most vulnerable at this point, yet easiest for the active anti-aging ingredients to penetrate into the skin and maximise the absorption of further skincare that follows.

Remember to take only 1-2 full pumps, otherwise the excess will go into waste.
And the application in an outward direction is important so that it follows the contour of the face.

#2. Exfoliator
How To Use: Apply 1-2 pumps onto cotton pad and gently sweep over face from the center outwards.

As mentioned earlier, the First Serum comes with a box of THE THERAPY Green Tea Cotton Pad-- 30 pieces of soft 100% cotton pads with fine jade particles (Green dots that you can see on the surface of the cotton pad).

For exfoliation, this coated side can act as a mild exfoliant and help soften the dead skin cells, leaving skin clean and refined. As for dry skin like mine, I don’t exfoliate it every day-- Just apply it without “wiping” the skin.

#3. DIY Mask
How To Use: Apply 5 pumps onto dry mask sheet until it is damp,
and leave on the face for 15-20 minutes.

Yes, a DIY mask can be as simple as this! Face mask gauzes are easily available and more economical for daily use. You may use thinner gauze to avoid wastage of the First Serum. 

You can make full use of the cap to measure the volume of First Serum you want to soak
into the cotton mask. Just make sure it is moist enough before applying onto the skin. 

Other methods of using the First Serum include:

#4. Massage Gel
How To Use: After applying the First Serum, press the 7 points on your face with
your middle finger for 3 seconds each point, and repeat for 3 times.

#5. Aromatherapy Serum

How To Use: Pump 1-2 drops on your palm, rub between the palms,
and place it in front of the face. Take a deep breath to freshen the mind.

So far, my favourite is still applying it directly onto the skin as the most important first step of skincare. After using this for a month now, the product is really nice!  

The texture: Very liquid, but slightly thicker than toner.
The feel: Fluid smooth, moisturizing and soothing sensation on the skin.
The effect: Boost the absorption and effectiveness of any treatments/ skincare used after it.

1. Overall, I find that THE THERAPY First Serum is mild, gentle and soothing for the skin.
2. I love the concept of using an improved traditional formula that allows the essence of nature penetrates into the skin.
3. Great for any skin types including the sensitive ones. Highly recommended for dry / tired skin. 

THE THERAPY First Serum (130ml) is available at RM148.29 (Inclusive 6% GST)
(FREE Green Tea Cotton Pads!) in all THEFACESHOP stores.

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  1. Thank you very much for such a good review. I am curious enough to want to get a bottle for myself.

  2. I also agree with the fact that the first step needs to be taken for the proper skincare. I believe that the Professional skincare options are there for utilizing for long term.

  3. Wow this serum is actually pretty cool. i love how multipurpose it is too!

  4. Been giving a go at this for two weeks now and have been loving the results babe. Fab write up as always babe - keep it up! :)

  5. nice product it seems. like the simple packaging too

  6. gotta run out and get one of these.. now!

  7. WOw... this faceshop is getting more classier... I like the packaging, simple and pretty classy... would love to try it out after hearing everyone's rave reviews

  8. I'm looking for something similar to take care my skin, will check out this product :)

  9. I used to do DIY mask too! But it really takes up a lot of skincare product, can't afford to have it anymore T.T


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