02 November, 2016

Review: EPHYRA Premium Pack Collagen Drink for Beauty & Health Benefits

Hi! If you have been following my blog, I have been a happy customer of Ephyra skincare products such as Ephyra Skin Bar, Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum and Ephyra Skin Snow Advanced White Repair. Some of you may not know that Ephyra offers more than just skincare!

Inteemor Botanical Drinks for women and Ephyra M2 Flex Powdered Drink are amongst the health drinks popular in the local market.

This round, I finally get my hands on the signature “Ephyra” by Ephyra when I need it so badly now. 
Wanna know why? Keep reading….

Ephyra Premium Pack (30 sachets x 15g) 
@ RM197 (WM) / RM207 (EM)

Yes, Ephyra is the name of the product, a delicious blend of nature’s best. In short, it is a beauty drink, suitable for both male and female, to enhance your overall wellness and health.

Ephyra reminds us that radiance is not only associated with the skin. To be healthy and “glow” from inside out, it is important to maintain the outer beauty and inner health. People often say, “You are what you eat”, hence Ephyra is specially formulated to reveal a more radiant and healthy you.

Containing 9 key natural ingredients, Ephyra can deliver various goodness from the nature such as:

❤ Deep Sea Fish Collagen
❤ Acai Berry
❤ Acacia Gum
❤ Tomato Powder
❤ Salmon Ovary Peptide
❤ Astaxanthin
❤ Acerolla Cherry
❤ Superberry
❤ Marigold Flower Extract

When mixed with enzymes, fructose, maltodekstrin and mixed fruits, Ephyra is able to deliver various benefits for the skin, body and soul.

On the package, it is claimed that it can help: 
❤ Tighten, smoothen and brighten skin
❤ Reduce skin issues
❤ Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
❤ Allow hair to be healthier, softer and shinier
❤ Enhance digestive system
❤ Reduce cholesterol level
❤ Increase energy and memory
❤ Enhance body immune system
❤ Control body weight and increase metabolism
❤ Reduce joint pain and arthritis

Looking at the list above, now it becomes so effortless to drink your way to total wellness and beauty. Just drink Ephyra 1-2 times a day (Morning: Before breakfast / Night: Before bedtime) and you’ll see the result in just 4 weeks.

Ephyra is good to go with breakfast! 

Since one pack contains 30 sachets, it can easily last me for a month. But if you want more effective result, drinking it twice daily is recommended. Personally, I prefer drinking Ephyra in the morning, as a breakfast juice to accompany my meal.

The preparation is pretty easy. Mix a sachet of Ephyra with 180ml warm water, stir well and you’ll get a glass of vibrant concoction similar to orange juice. Yes, it tastes citrusy too! 

To make things easier, there is a volume indicator on the bottle.

Taste wise, its sweetness is rather mild, but I love its refreshing flavour on the mouth. But if you find it rather plain, you can mix with milk or juice and serve it chilled. Who knows you might create a perfect summer drink with Ephyra?

Don’t add hot water ya, otherwise the powder will clump and the drink will become cloudy.

In my routine, I replace my morning coffee with this low-calorie drink, and find it very suitable to pair with a wholesome breakfast. It is only 49 calories per sachet, so no worries for the weight watchers!

The result? For my crazy hectic lifestyle (I work for super long hours everyday!), I trust Ephyra for my health and beauty maintenance. I have been drinking this for 2 weeks, and so far, my skin complexion is “recovering” from the fatigue skin to normal skin. Hopefully after a prolonged period of consuming Ephyra, I can see the glow in me!

*Ephyra products are certified safe and Halal.

1. Overall, Ephyra is a health drink recommended for everyone, especially those with busy lifestyle / skin issues. 
2. Ephyra helps in beautifying me from inside out. No more feeling lethargy and lesser breakouts too.
3. For less than RM7 per sachet, it is a good bargain as part of healthy everyday diet. Best to cut down calories on coffee and juices, and go for Ephyra instead.

For more information, you can contact Ephyra at:

Hotline: 019-3999 238 / 019-3800 779
Instagram: @ephyra2u / @ephyraskin

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