09 April, 2017

What Happen to My House Air Conditioner?

This is just the right time to write this blog post because KL has been crazy hot lately and I become desperate when looking for a reliable aircond service provider in my housing area. I start Googling for one, but none of them is able to tell me exactly how much do I need to pay to fix the aircond at home....

...except for one: Acontech. I found Acontech online and it is an online booking site for aircond services. My first impression was, "Wait....is this reliable? Will they charge me a bomb?". Well, the website is pretty straight-forward and user-friendly -- it contains all the information we need before deciding to make a booking. 

Acontech promises: 

  • A 30 days satisfaction guarantee
  • Less than 2% call back for warranty issue
  • Payment is made after service is done
  • No extra or hidden charges
  • No booking fees or advance payment
  • Never miss out on customer appointment

All you need is to pick the preferred service, make a booking and complete the details,
then the service team will arrive at your doorstep on your preferred date and time.

For now, Acontech offers 6 types of aircond-related services:
Chemical Cleanz, Normal Cleaning, Water Leaking, Aircon Not Cool,
Checking/Troubleshooting, and Monthly Maintenance for office

The services are not only available in KL/ Selangor, but also in Johor Bahru and Penang Island.

After choosing the type of service and location, the price chart loads instantly on the page with clear specifications on the service that you'll be getting. I think the best part is, you don't need to pay upon booking. Just let them complete the work first and pay later. 

Here's a simple introductory video of Acontech.

Do you know a regular maintenance and filter cleaning can increase 15% in aircond performance? The service team is able to provide some honest advice / real-life tips on aircond-related matters too. Acontech is more than just making you feel cool again.

Looking for someone to "rescue" your aircond condition? Grab your device and logon to Acontech now!

For more information about Acontech, the air-cond services specialist, please visit www.acontech.com.my.


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  2. Wow! This service so awesome! I can try it since it is available in Penang Island <3


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