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12 June, 2017

Fashion 101: How to Dress the "Pineapple" Way

It's Pineapple Craze!

The "pineapple" prints have been in trend for some time now, and yes it becomes more popular during summer season! It is good to begin your summer look with something funky, bright and cheerful like this. Let's see what does Zaful offer here...

Pineapple Shaped Crossbody Bag - Yellow / Black
(Direct Link: Yellow / Black

If you don't want to go overly loud / bold, you can always begin with some subtle accessories first. A bright yellow-green pineapple crossbody bag is probably the cutest bag I have seen! If you want something even subtler, try the black pineapple crossbody bag instead. 

Cami Pineapple Print Back Strappy Bikini
(Direct Link: HERE

Another common thing to have for this season is bikini! about a pineapple-printed bikini set? As compared to plain bikini, those with lovely prints are better able to create an illusion of a slimmer appearance. Don't you just want this for summer?

Pineapple Embroidered Cropped Top
(Direct Link: HERE)

But among all, everyone's favourite everyday crop top is still the best option as it can be paired with almost anything during your summer vacation. With the two cute pineapples printed on the chest area, I am sure this is an attention-luring piece that you shouldn't miss.

Bohemian Pineapple Halter Swing Dress
(Direct Link: HERE)

Large pineapple prints on dresses are equally attractive for me, especially on this piece of Bohemian-style halter swing dress that features a sexy deep-V neckline and bareback. Good to go with a bikini top underneath perhaps? :)

Pineapple Print Plunging Neck Short Sleeve Maxi Dress
(Direct Link: HERE

Don't worry, pineapple prints are not all loud and fun, you can still pull off that elegant and matured look with a piece of swaying maxi dress in a more neutral tone. 

Anyway, let's enjoy shopping with Zaful!

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  1. Sehr interessanter Blog. Viele Blogs, die ich in diesen Tagen sehe, bieten nicht wirklich alles, was mich interessiert, aber ich bin auf jeden Fall an diesem interessiert.
    Ich dachte nur, dass ich posten würde und Sie wissen lassen würde.


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