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17 July, 2017

Review: 30-minute Far Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss

Hi, I am here at Sonne Sauna to enjoy my pampering day!

It's my first time doing a Sonne Sauna treatment and I am pretty excited about it as I heard about its various benefits for the mind, body and soul. Unlike the normal sauna we see in some gym, hotel or spa centre, Sonne Sauna is the newer type that better delivers effective benefits to users. 

What is Sonne Sauna?

Sonne is Far Infrared Sauna (FIR) where you will sit in a closed, warm space and experience gentle, radiant heat that can benefit you from head to toe. It produces effects at a lower temperature (Below 60°C) than the traditional sauna (which can go up to 105°C!).

Here are some of the differences between Sonne Sauna and Traditional Sauna.

In short, Sonne Sauna radiates more gentle heat to the body, produce more effective results,
without consuming much power and space.

How does Sonne Sauna Work?

The "rays" will penetrate about 1.5 inches into the body and induces up to 2-3 times more sweat. As Sonne Sauna slowly matches the frequency of water in our cells, it creates a "resonant absorption". The resonance facilitates cell metabolism, meaning the cells will take up more nutrients and excrete the residues.

The best part is, you can install it anywhere at home as it does not require plumbing! Currently it is widely used at home, as well as in wellness centre, hospitals, healthcare clinics and pharmacies.

Benefits of Sonne Sauna:

❤ Improve cardiovascular health as a complement to diet and exercise
Do you know that a regular use (5 times a week) of Sonne Sauna can help strengthen the heart? Useful for those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity etc.

❤ Relax, rejuvenate and de-stress
It regulates our nervous system, allowing for the nourishing, healing and regeneration of the body to take place.

❤ Reduce pain
If you often experience muscle spasm or tension, then Sonne Sauna can help relieve the pain. Good for those with arthritis. 

❤ Detox and cleanse the body
Sonne Sauna effectively removes toxins from the body through profuse sweating, which is far more than urination.

❤ Burn calories for weight loss
Yes, you can lose weight by using Sonne Sauna along with good diet practice! It can burn up to 600 calories in just 30 minute session, which is way more than my usual gym routine.

❤ Smoother and more radiant skin
As Sonne Sauna improves blood circulation, it also reduces roughness of the skin, fine wrinkles and enhances radiance and youthfulness.

❤ Look and feel younger
As Sonne Sauna can reduce your "metabolic age", it's time to rejuvenate and feel younger again!

❤ Sustain wellness
With all the benefits above, our overall wellness gets better and more long-lasting.

Types of Sonne Sauna
Sonne Corner Unit, best fits 3-4 pax (RM27,800)

Sonne Standard Unit, a 2-seater square unit (RM20,800)

Available in 2 sizes, it takes up a surface area of slightly more than a massage chair. Hence, it can easily fit into your room, whether you stay in an apartment or landed house.

Price wise, I know a whopping RM20,000++ may seem to be a huge figure for some. But actually the price range is similar to a premium massage chair. Why not invest into your health and let your whole family benefits from it?

My Sonne Sauna Experience
At Sonne Sauna office at Phileo Damansara 1 (Next to Eastin Hotel), PJ, you can try out the sauna yourselves. If you happen to work here, they also offer monthly subscription package for customers to visit anytime they want and use the sauna facilities for unlimited times. Yes, just enjoy all you want!

The sauna therapy begins with a simple health check to record down your percentage of body fat, body water, metabolic age, weight, etc. You'll see the difference after the sauna therapy!

Then we proceed to the corner sauna unit and take a 30-minute rest inside it.

Note: Each session should be 30 minutes long, and you should not have more than 1 session a day. 
Recommended for everyday use. 

The exterior of the sauna unit is very beautiful, completed with lights fitting and control panel. Each wooden panel is specially made from Canadian Red Cedar Wood, a premium long-lasting wood and an excellent heat insulator.

For first timer, you can try lower temperatures around 50°C-52°C and
gradually increase it to 53°C-57°C once your body gets used to it.

For hygiene purposes, remember to cover the seating area with clean towels so that they can absorb sweats away.
After use, all you need is to gently clean the wooden panels with damp cloth.

The interior is fully equipped with heaters behind the carbon and ceramic panels. There are also 2 slots to place your cups of water, to keep you hydrated while releasing sweat.

As the lighting is rather dim inside the sauna unit, I can easily fall asleep in it! But no worries, the heating unit operates on a timer, so it will automatically switch off after 30 minutes. No safety issues even if I oversleep here!

Under such a comfortable temperature, you can also do anything you want in the sauna,
including fiddling with your phone! Don't worry about damaging your phone :)

It is ideal to enjoy the sauna together with your family and friends. What's better than spending a
quality 30 minutes time sitting together and keeping the conversations flowing?

My Verdict
1. Overall, it is a rejuvenating and satisfying experience for the mind, body and soul. After 30 minutes, I manage to lose 0.3kg and 0.2% body fat! Of course, for better results, a prolonged use is required. 
2. It is effortless to include a 30-minute sauna session into our daily routine, anytime you want at home. Convenient to use, easy maintenance, and highly beneficial for health.
3. Recommended for those with health concerns, lack of exercise or currently on a weight reduction program. 

For more information, please visit:

For booking, please call 03-7954 0822.
Success Therapeutic Sdn Bhd
Unit 1001, Block E, Level 2,
Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara 1,
No. 9, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,
47350 Petaling Jaya,


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