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25 September, 2017

Review: Makeremake & Tomaru K-Beauty Skincare

 Calling all K-beauty fans, this is going to be an awesome news for you! 

Do you like shopping in a huge beauty store where you can find several Korean skincare and cosmetic brands under one roof? Oh yes you can now!

The first NATURE SMART K-Beauty Multi-Brand Store has opened its doors in The Spring mall, Kuching in July 2017, carrying 7 famous Korean beauty brands - THE FACE SHOP, Beyond, Tomaru, Beyond The Remedy, CNP Laboratory, Dear Packer and Makeremake - which are all owned by LG Household & Health Care (LG HH) from Korea.

Don't worry if you're not in Kuching. Now, these 7 brands can be found in THE FACE SHOP e-store from September 2017 onwards.

First of its kind in Malaysia, NATURE SMART features curated LG H&H brands. Currently it offers products from these 7 beauty brands, but in future there are definitely more to come so that NATURE SMART will be a one-stop beauty haven that you and I will definitely fall in love with.

Since NATURE SMART’s philosophy is "Most beautiful things are from nature" and the tree symbol represents the various brands with the concept of ‘naturalism’ (natural ingredients), you can see all 7 brands offering skin-friendly products while bringing us close to nature. Let's check them out...

It remains the main featured brand in Nature Smart store,
hence you can get various TFS products here, with price ranging from RM5 to RM275.

A specialist for body care products, offering one of the widest range to cater to all skin types.
Products are affordably priced from RM5.50 to RM135.

A beauty brand which pursues beauty using root energy, Root Therapy Complex™ and Root Drop™ patented technology. 
Products are priced from RM135 to RM190.

A cosmeceutical skincare that is famous for its peeling booster and ampoules.
Products are priced from RM50 to RM220.

A specialist in all types of masks with hypoallergenic ingredients, ideal for travellers.
Products are priced from RM5 to RM150.

Mid-range K-herb skincare brand that focuses on native Korean plant ingredients
Products are priced from RM90 to RM185.

A specialist in everything on cleansing.
Products are priced from RM65 to RM85.

Among the 6 new brands that I have not tried before, I am excited to get my hands on Makeremake and Tomaru products today! Let's see what do I have here...

Pronounced as ‘mah-kay-ray-mahkay’, Makeremake is a playful mix of the words “Makeup” and “Remove Makeup” by quoting the first 2 letters from each word. Makeremake specialises in everything on cleansing, with fresh wholefood ingredients and 7 element-free formula – no paraben, TEA, synthetic colouring, mineral oils, triclosan, SLS, phenoxyethanol.

MAKEREMAKE Soon-su Lip and Eye Makeup Removal @ RM65

Don't ever neglect the cleansing step in your skincare regime; It is the first step and the most important step to keep skin healthy. Without proper cleansing, any skincare steps that follow will not be absorbed well into the skin.

Most of the time, the heaviest makeup we put is on the eyes and lips. And this is exactly what Makeremake can do for you - Removing heavy makeup including waterproof makeup effectively yet gently. No fragrance, no irritation, totally fuss-free!

In just one wipe, it helps remove most traces of the eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick.

Texture: ★★★★☆
It feels slightly slippery on the skin, but not oily / greasy. The consistency is very lightweight.

Result: ★★★★☆ 
Highly effective as the makeup is gone in split seconds and I don't have to apply much effort
in removing the makeup. A life saviour after a long partying night!

So after removing makeup, it’s time to follow proper skincare steps using TOMARU Pure White Blossom Brightening line – Toner, Essence and Cream.

TOMARU is something new to me. Tomaru in Korean means creating a high beauty standard. With cutting edge technology marrying traditional Korean guru ‘recipe’, TOMARU’s gentle yet potent skincare is a combination of all the goodness of Korean indigenous plants found in the pristine provinces.

It uses 6 native ingredients as a base, then adds on special ingredients that completes the formula for its skincare product. The best part is, you can see clearly that the special ingredient is stated on the product’s packaging, including the province of where it was harvested from.

One of the key skincare series you should try is the Pure White Blossom Brightening series, a simple 3-step regime (Toner, Essence, Cream) that gives you clear and radiant skin using premium rice and lotus leaves.

Recommended for:
❤ Young customers between 20 to 30 years old
❤ Those who prefer light textured brightening skincare that moisturizes without stickiness

TOMARU Pure White Blossom Brightening Toner @ RM115

The brightening toner is also known as the "White Milky Way Toner", thanks to its smooth white texture that is made of fine molecules to maximise brightening and moisturising effects on the skin.

Texture: ★★★★☆ 
Smooth, lightweight and slightly thick milk-like consistency

Feel: ★★★★☆ 
Moisturizing, refreshing and easy to absorb

Result: ★★★ 
It refreshes and moisturizes the skin very well, but the brightening effect comes later.

TOMARU Pure White Blossom Brightening Essence @ RM115

After toning, it's time to apply the highly concentrated brightening essence which is boosted with crystal capsules which softly melt under skin temperature and deliver moisture.

Texture: ★★★★☆ 
It appears to be some translucent jelly-like gel that feels light and soft on the skin.

Result: ★★
The quick absorption into the skin allows for a vitalized, clear skin complexion in a long run.

TOMARU Pure White Blossom Brightening Cream @ RM185

I personally feel that the most important step is the brightening cream as it not only leaves the skin bright, clear and shiny but also provides deep hydration down into the skin. The rich content of Niacinamide, a brightening functional ingredient can turn dark, dull complexion into clear and bright skin.

Texture: ★★★★☆ 
Very rich, thick yet easy to blend.

Feel: ★★★ 
It feels like "sealing" the skin with a layer of brightening and moisturizing protection.
However, I find it a tad rich for my skin.

Overall Result: ★★★★☆ 
Tomaru Pure White Blossom Brightening Line is great for  those seeking for clear and radiant skin complexion. I personally like it because it achieves a balance of brightening and moisturizing effects, which I find it just right for my dry skin.

Enjoy 10% discount at THE FACE SHOP online store upon purchase of any Nature Smart brands' products excluding THE FACE SHOP by keying in this code: "FISHXTFS"


*Minimum spend of RM50.
*Discount code valid until 31 October 2017.

All the brands above are available at NATURE SMART, The Spring Kuching and THE FACE SHOP online store (Click HERE to shop!) from September 2017 onwards.

To find out more about Tomaru and Makeremake, please visit:
THE FACE SHOP Online Store: Click HERE

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