19 October, 2017

Review: LUNIOR Deer Placenta, my Anti-aging Supplement

Having young and glowing skin is every girl's dream. I mean, who doesn't love staying youthful forever! I recently got this box of LUNIOR Deer Placenta Plus Enteric-Coated Soft Gel imported from New Zealand to try. 

Yes, you are reading it correctly: It is placenta from deer. But don’t worry, no deer is killed during the extraction of the placenta i.e. when the deer gives birth.

Is Placenta better than Collagen?

People used to consume collagen for anti-aging benefits, but now placenta is a more effective ingredient for a more holistic effect on the skin and body. How so?

 Helps replenish the declining amount of collagen in our body as we age, and improves skin externally.
 Richer in essential proteins and active cells which our body requires to
rejuvenate, regenerate and slow down aging process internally.

Conclusion: So if you prefer a more effective supplement that works from inside out for a better overall health,
Placenta is probably a better option.

Do you know that New Zealand produces the world’s BEST Placenta?

All thanks to New Zealand’s natural environment with minimal pollution, advanced technology facilities and good reputation on healthy product manufacturing. Hence, LUNIOR Deer Placenta uses only those extracted from the deer in New Zealand.

Technology wise, it uses the renowned freeze-drying method to preserve the placenta live cell up to 3-4 years, ensuring freshness and efficacy of the extract.

On top of that, LUNIOR Deer Placenta consists of 4 natural, antioxidant-rich ingredients including:-

(1) Deer Placenta Live Cell (鹿胎盘活细胞)
Promote skin renewal, energy level and stamina

(2) Lyophilised Royal Jelly Powder (冻干蜂王浆粉)
Improve strength and vitality

(3) Grape Seed Oil (葡萄籽油)
Protect arteries, maintain good vision and slow skin aging

(4) Squalene (深海鲛精)
Improve metabolism and defense system

Ingredients are clearly written behind each strip / on the box:
100mg deer placenta extract
200mg grape seed oil
180mg squalene
50mg lyophilised royal jelly powder

Content: Each box of LUNIOR Deer Placenta consists of 30 softgels, all sealed safely in each strip.

How to use: Consume 1 soft gel once daily after meal (Twice daily for quicker result)

It looks similar to any ordinary softgels - Scentless (as the ingredients are locked in the softgel) and easily swallowed with water. Convenient to bring along for travelling too.

To be honest, it is my first time trying out placenta supplement and I am abit skeptical initially as it is not something "common" we usually take. But I am pretty satisfied with the result on my overall wellbeing result after consuming the softgels.

The first thing I realise is lesser pimples popping out on my skin despite of all the late nights I stay awake. And the skin starts to gain natural glow slightly, while the skin texture appears smoother.

I notice there is lesser mood swing and menstrual pain during the “time of the month” too. Not sure if it is the overall effect of having deer placenta thou.

Apart from reversing aging, LUNIOR Deer Placenta also brings us back to the healthiest state by improving:
 Cell repair / regeneration
 Sleeping quality
 Blood circulation
 Sexual performance
 Healthy skin
 Burning of body fats

...as well as reducing the following:
❤ Heart disease
 Sebum production / Open pores
 Wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, dark spots, etc
 Menstrual and menopause discomfort

For those with targeted issues such as post-delivery scar, hair loss problem, skin pigmentation, etc,
you can try LUNIOR Deer Placenta too.

LUNIOR is scientifically proven and well recognised for its safety too.

Verdict: In short, if you need something scientifically proven effective and safe to stimulate growth, cell reproduction and regeneration for health and beauty purposes, then LUNIOR Deer Placenta may be a great option.

LUNIOR Deer Placenta Softgel retails at RM688 per box (30 soft gels in a box) / RM388 per box if you buy 3 boxes. Interested in the product? Find out more at:

Angel Face Beauty and Slimming Centre
No. 56, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2,
Taman OUG,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603-7972 0332 / +6019-262 2727
Email: angelfacecentre@gmail.com
Website: www.lunior-vlab.com
WeChat: mincos2727

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