14 November, 2017

MAAT Golden Ratio Search - Who Has Better Facial Proportion?

Have you ever thought how well-proportioned your face is?

Merz, known for the only U.S. FDA-cleared, non-invasive skin lifting and tightening ultrasound device, Ulthera®, has recently revealed the 10 most well-proportioned faces in Asia Pacific. Merz also announced the launch of a new scientific guidelines, at the 38th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Dermatological Surgery (ISDS) 2017, to help aesthetic doctors assess well-proportioned faces in Asians.

What is “MAAT Golden Ratio Search”?

The “MAAT Golden Ratio Search” was the first region-wide search for well-proportioned Asian faces across 10 countries in Asia - Hong Kong, India, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

It is hosted to provide information to empower women to better understand facial proportions relative to attractiveness, and supported the launch of the first scientific guidelines on achieving well-proportioned faces in Asians. 

Facial proportions used to assess the women entrants

The big-scale 3-month “MAAT Golden Ratio Search” was very well-received with over 3,000 submissions received from all over Asia. These women were assessed according to facial proportions (90%) - The Golden Ratio (facial height to width ratio), horizontal facial proportion and facial symmetry.

The result showed that the oval (67%), square, round, inverted triangle (9% respectively), and oblong (7%) were the most common facial shapes among the 46 Malaysian women entrants between 21 - 44 years old.

10 most well-proportioned faces in Asia Pacific

Aesthetic doctors agreed oval is the most preferred facial shape among Asians, and the new scientific guidelines help them assess your face proportion and develop treatment strategies for different facial shapes.

In fact, people in South East Asia don't prefer drastic changes to the face but they focus more on early prevention, early restoration and enhancement. 

With the new scientific guidelines being made available to more 1,000 aesthetic doctors in Malaysia and the region, physicians would be able to apply recommendations optimised for Asian anatomies and aesthetic goals to Asian patients.

So, do you have a well-proportioned face? If no, perhaps aesthetics treatment is something you can consider!

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