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26 December, 2017

Angeli, Natural Oudh-inspired Fragrance & Skincare Launch

Say Hello to Angeli, the all-natural, handcrafted oudh-inspired line of fragrance and skincare products created by Roman Abdullah, a fifth-generation descendant of a family of perfumers who has worked with Moghul royalties.

This is not your average fragrance / skincare products. Angeli's collection is mainly made from the oudh essential oil harvested from the agarwood trees in Malaysia.

Wait, what is Agarwood? It is the most expensive raw ingredient in the world with quality oudh oil selling for over USD $50,000 per kilogram! As one of the highest valued essential oils in the world due to the scarce resources, oudh oil has become a valuable collector's item now. See how precious it is!

Oudh, on its own, is a very skin-friendly ingredient. It is known for its anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-stress, antimicrobial, anti-asthmatic and aphrodisiac benefits amongst others. Moreover, Oudh oil is also a fixative, therefore the fragrance can last longer on the skin.

Forestry Oudh works with oudh oil of the finest grades Super, AA and A for its proprietary skincare and fragrance collection, Angeli. As not everyone is an oudh expert, a trained nose of perfumer would know the distinction between an authentic oudh and a synthetically-manufactured one on contact. Synthetic or diluted oudh possesses a blunt, dull, uncomplicated and leathery aroma.

The launching event of Angeli collection is graced by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board's Director-General, Dato' Dr. Jalaluddin Harun.

From 2nd left: Eshmael Rao Soosay Dass (Co-Founder of Forestry Group of Companies), Dato’ Dr. Jalaluddin Harun (Director General of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board), Ariza Norhalim (Chief Executive Officer/ Co-Founder of Forestry Group of Companies)

An angelic ballet performance to kick off the launch of Angeli.

Angeli's first ever artisanal collection, "Autumn Sky 2017" comprises 17 handcrafted skincare products including oudh-based EDP for men and women, and natural skincare products such as soap bars, bath gel, bath bombs, body moisturising oil, body mists, hand and body lotions, mud and salt scrubs.

ANGELI Autumn Sky 2017's signature item: POUR ELLE EDP
An sweet, romantic blend of agalocha oudh, vanilla, turkish rose and jasmine

ANGELI Autumn Sky 2017 Salt Scrub.

ANGELI Autumn Sky 2017 Colorful Bath Bombs in Frankincense, Lavender and Bergamot scents.

Some of ANGELI's essential oils that we get to try during the launch.

Each and every product not only smells good, but is also beneficial for stress reduction, skin purification etc, all thanks to the rich content of highly coveted oudh oil which comes from agarwood or gaharu trees.

Each Angeli collection is a limited edition series because it uses the same oudh essential oil that comes from the same harvest and distillation process.

According to Ariza Norhalim, CEO of Forestry Oudh, the products are all hand-made to ensure that the values and fragrance of oudh and other essential oils are well-preserved and not diminished by any heat / chemical processes. Another good thing is, the products are also free from SLS and parabens.
Angeli products are only available online at,
with price ranging from RM35 to RM350.

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  1. Botanical glowing and complex, the fragrance of Masdevallia Orchid changes for the duration of the day, getting to be spicier, 10 men's cologne


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