16 December, 2017

[BEAUTY] Review: Facial & Body Treatment @ Aroma Garden Wellness Center, SS2

Speaking of facial and spa treatments, who doesn't love spending a relaxing day to be pampered from head to toe?

It is my first time visiting Aroma Garden Wellness Centre in SS2, and also my first experience spending half a day in a spa centre doing different treatments for the face, arms and legs....well, basically a “tai-tai” experience on a lazy Sunday :P

Located along the same row of shop lots as Family Mart in SS2, this huge 3-storey establishment and its black signage is easily noticeable from far. Beautifully adorned with garden-style theme, Aroma Garden literally transports me to another world of "zen" (calmness/peace) as soon as I enter this outlet. It feels like being in a "mini jungle" here, so relaxing and rejuvenating.

Aroma Garden believes in restoring beauty in the most natural and effective way. Alot of people tend to opt for aesthetics treatment nowadays, but little do we know about the potential side effects they bring. 

To yield safe and quick result, Aroma Garden focuses on using 100% natural product -- pure honey to treat the skin from head to toe. When the skin is in touch with all-natural ingredients, it does not irritate even the sensitive skin, therefore is suitable for all skin types. 

Complimentary Flower Tea for guests :)

Now, let's begin with our pampering journey!

The first thing that Aroma Garden pampers every guest with is a foot soak in a quiet, private space.
Then you can choose the types of treatments available here:
❤ Anti-aging face treatment
❤ Anti-aging body treatment
❤ Acne facial treatment
❤ Bust lifting
❤ Lymphatic detox treatment
❤ Foot and leg treatment
❤ Body slimming
❤ Body / foot / shoulder massage

Then we proceed to the next section for a Foot and Leg Treatment. I love how the space is designed so comfortably for customers. And I assure you, this treatment is amazing! It leaves my skin super smooth like a baby in just 10 minutes, how impressive right?

Basically, it removes the dead skin cells on the skin surface while the masseur ‘activates’ the lymph nodes to reduce the water content on my swelling legs and improve blood circulation.

Then it also helps to remove dead skin cell layer on the legs and restore radiance.

Can you see the difference between my left and right leg?
After the massage, I can see that my right leg is slimmer bv 4cm (in circumference) immediately!

Then we head to the female-only treatment rooms located on the first floor.

Don't you just feel so relaxed here?

Here's the room which I have my facial treatment.

For first timer, the No.1 signature treatment you must try here is the Anti-Aging Facial Treatment (Only RM288 for first trial!). It is a two-hour facial treatment to help restore the skin's natural glow and baby-like softness. As it is recommended to do this treatment at least once a month, I think it is a better deal to purchase the treatment package instead.

*Sorry, I can only have minimal movement throughout the process, so not much pictures are taken in the facial treatment room. The first step is the application of Refining Mask from underarm till face for 40 minutes which helps:
❤ Exfoliate dead skin
❤ Enhance blood circulation 
❤ Reduce aging signs such as pigmentation, scar marks, pores, fine lines etc.

Dead skin cells removal using peel-off method.

Then my skin is treated with an aromatic Skin Repair Serum which is able to accelerate the effects of other skincare products by 3 times! In other words, the mask has become 3 times more effective and beneficial to the skin now. It works very well to accelerate skin regeneration, repair dry and cracked skin, as well as firm up the skin.

All it needs is just a very light pressure massage that feels comfortable for the skin.
Did I forget to mention that this product has anesthetic effects too?

Honestly I am just too comfortable there that I fall asleep and don’t realise 1.5 hours pass so quickly. The last step for this facial is to apply a cooling Nourishing Mask and massage about 10 minutes. It is a very thick gel that delivers moisture, sun protection, skin protection against infection and repair benefits for cracked lips.

Yes it is applied directly onto the lips as well. Don’t worry, the nourishing mask is edible! It tastes sweet like concentrated honey :P I personally love this step the most as it is so soothing for the skin!

After the 2-hour anti-aging face treatment.....

When my therapist mentions that all treatments here can yield immediate, significant result that lasts long, I am a little skeptical -- I mean, how can it work miracle within minutes / hours? Until I try the treatments out myself, I am truly impressed with the instantaneous result that I have not experienced elsewhere.

All thanks to the natural ingredients and professional hands-on massage techniques without any surgical aid or use of machine. The facial treatment gives a durable lifting effect, brightens the complexion and most importantly, restores the skin's softness and natural radiance instantly!

Overall Verdict: 
1. Aroma Garden's 100% natural honey treatment and hand massage techniques are ideal for those seeking for quick, safe and effective results on both face and body. 
2. Visible results such as reduced pigmentation, brighter skin, tighter texture and youthful skin are easily achievable without burning a hole in the wallet!
3. Price wise, it is affordable for general public whether you prefer doing the treatments there or buying the products home for DIY sessions. 

Aroma Garden Wellness Center (香熏花园)
22, Jalan SS2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 03-7865 3915
Website: www.aroma.garden
Facebook: fb.com/aromagardenwellnesscenter
Waze: https://waze.com/ul/hw2838rz7k
Business Hours: 10am - 11pm daily

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