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11 December, 2017

BOH International Tea Day 2017

Happy International Tea Day!

We all know that tea is one of the world's oldest beverages and most widely consumed drink globally next to water. But do you know that BOH is Malaysia's largest and leading tea grower with a longstanding 88-year history since 1929? And now BOH is celebrating the International Tea Day  2017 with us by bringing to us lots of 'tea-rrific' fun activities and contest! 

December 15, the International Tea Day marks a day of celebration and appreciation to everyone involved in growing, processing and delivering the quality tea and millions of tea lovers who consume 4 million kilograms of tea BOH produces every year (That's alot!).

Caroline Russell, Deputy Chairman of BOH Plantations expresses her gratitude to millions of BOH consumers who have been supporting BOH continuously over the years. 

Cheque presentation from BOH to Dignity for Children Foundation

In conjunction to this very special day, BOH has contributed RM20,000 to the Dignity for Children Foundation as a kind gesture of giving back to the society and thanking them for the loyal support. It will be used to fund the underprivileged children in Dignity, specifically for Dignity's upcoming Arts Exhibition Roadshow cum fundraising initiative in 2018. 

Meet the great man behind Dignity -- Rev. Elisha Satvinder,
the Chairman and Founder of Dignity for Children Foundation

Rev. Elisha who has been contributing to the society for the past 20 years, then shares with us a little about this Arts Exhibition Roadshow. It will display at least 60 pieces of artwork created by 20 students based on the theme "Redeeming Childhood, Restoring Hope" to raise fund. Perhaps you can lend a helping hand when the time comes next year :) 

If you do not already know about Dignity for Children Foundation, it is a learning centre with 1,000 poor and vulnerable children ranging from 2-17 years old. So, these underprivileged urban poor children are able to obtain equal opportunities for quality education and care in a secure environment. 

Flag-off of the BOH Mobile Truck Tour to mark BOH International Tea Day 2017

Apart from giving back to the society during this Imternational Tea Day 2017, BOH has counted all of us in for a treat too! Throughout December 2017, BOH Mobile Tea Truck will be visiting selected areas in Malaysia, starting from Kuala Lumpur to serve you BOH's much loved teas along with some fun activities. 
We have Caroline and Rev. Elisha to officiate this BOH Tea Tour.

Cheers, Let's Share the Ummph!

Don't forget to stay tuned at BOH Tea Malaysia's Facebook page and keep an eye on the BOH Tea Tour schedule:

It's time to grab a great cup of tea, unwind and share the Ummph with our beloved family and friends.
Once again, Happy International Tea Day, everyone!

For more information about BOH, please visit:

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