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29 January, 2018

Du Viet, Top 1 Vietnamese Restaurant in KL & Selangor

Do you want some Vietnamese beef pho? ❤ It's pho-king good!

Whenever I am craving for something Vietnamese, a warm hearty bowl of Pho from Du Viet, the popular Vietnamese cuisine specialist often comes into mind. Of course, there are lots more Vietnamese offerings here that keep my tummy satisfied too. 

“Du Viet” literally means “do Vietnamese” for a meal. Since 2002, Du Viet has been serving a wide spread of pork-free, healthy and high quality Vietnamese cuisine using the traditional recipe originated from Hue, Central Vietnam, the ancient royal capital with a legacy of refined food fit for emperors.

One noteworthy point here is, Du Viet suits the palate of healthy goers as it does not use any MSG or preservatives. With the quality and taste assured, customers will not feel thirsty after consuming their food.


Du Viet has been voted as Top 1 Vietnamese Restaurant in KL and Selangor, in the recent survey done by As an appreciation to the fans who have voted for them on Tally Press, Du Viet has decided to treat us with a huge feast. 

"Ha-Ha" Lou Sang (Vietnamese Style Prosperity Toss)

Specially for this Chinese New Year, Du Viet has introduced its very own version of prosperity toss, comprising of 12 different organic ingredients and 4 delicious sauces. They represent all good 12 months and 4 seasons of good health and prosperity for this prosperous new year. 

All the ingredients are natural and do not contain any MSG/ flavour enhancers, preservatives or artificial colouring. It is only available for a limited time from 30 January till 28 February 2018

The 12 fresh and healthy ingredients include turnip, radish, pineapple, pomelo, bean sprout, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, cabbage, glass noodles, fresh prawns and herbs

The 4 sauces are:
1. Spring (Fish and Lime) 
2. Summer (Plum) 
3. Autumn (Peanut) 
4. Winter (Dry Roasted Condiments) 

True to its name, the "Ha-Ha" Lou Sang also features fresh prawns instead of the usual fish to symbolise joy and laughter.

Hanoi-style Mixed Beef Noodles ("Pho Bo Dac Biet")
Imported tenderloin beef fillet, tendon, beef balls, and stewed beef brisket in clear soup.

Du Viet’s signature dish is definitely the Traditional Mixed Beef Noodles served in clear, natural-tasting soup that tastes light on the palate. The secret of this dish? It's the soup! It is a pure bone-broth patiently simmered over 8-12 hours without using any beef cube essence. So homey and delicious!  

Hanoi-style Beef and Chicken Dry Noodles 
BBQ beef and chicken fillet in homemade peanut and fish sauce dressing,
served with healthy and refreshing rice vermicelli salad and fresh vegetables.

Stewed Beef Brisket with White Radish
Good to go with a piping hot bowl of white rice!
Assorted Spring and Summer Combo Rolls Delite (4 rolls)
Fresh rice paper rolls / fried spring rolls with prawns, grilled lemongrass chicken and beef.
*Vegetarian option is available.

Don't worry, there are plenty of options for non-beef eaters. I personally like the fried spring rolls that taste fresh and savoury. Totally not greasy at all. Other dishes such as the Steamed Wrapped Rolls, Dry Noodles, or Rice selections are equally great as the staple comfort food that everyone can enjoy.

Steamed Wrapped Rolls (2 rolls)
Vietnamese-style "Chee Cheong Fun" wrapped with shrimps, chicken and mushrooms,
served with bean sprout and fish sauce.

Vietnamese Drip Coffee (served with Condensed Milk)
Don't forget to try the coffee here too!

Overall, for a satisfying casual Vietnamese dining experience, you can bring your family and friends to Du Viet and eat to your heart's content. Currently Du Viet has 3 outlets, so do drop by at the nearest outlet and try out the food yourselves!

Suria KLCC: LC 401, Level 4 (+603-2116 3630)
Sunway Pyramid: G1.45, Ground Floor (+603-7492 0018)
Damansara Uptown: 41A and 43A, 1st Floor, Uptown 37 (+603-7726 8101)

For more information and updates from Du Viet, please visit:
Instagram: @DuViet_MY


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