07 January, 2018

[Shopping Guide] Cute Crossbody Bags from Rosegal

Hello, New Year! It's almost Chinese New Year again, which means it is shopping time for us Chinese to welcome the year. The saying "New year, new wardrobe" is just so true :P I have been spending quite a fair bit of time doing my fashion shopping online and recently I found this website called Rosegal which sells plenty of fashion pieces, household items and beauty products. 

It is having New Year Sale now!

But what interests me is the wide variety of bags. Be it crossbody bags, backpacks or shoulder bags, there are so many types to choose from. Here are some of the cuter ones that I adore:

Glitter Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag - Silver (Direct link: HERE)

How sweet is this heart-shaped bag with the glittery surface!
I think it is great for a picture-perfect #OOTD shot too.

 Novelty Panda Shaped Crossbody Bag (Direct link: HERE)

I love bags in white color as they are pretty easy to mix and match.
How about something in panda shape? I am sure this piece would be very eye-catching!

 Drawstring Color Block Bucket Bag (Direct link: HERE)

If you prefer something more subtle, the drawstring bag with watermelon prints is equally cute.
on't you think so? Small and easy to carry, this matches well with almost any outfit.

Stitching Cartoon Pattern Crossbody Bag (Direct link: HERE)

Fans of cartoon can opt for kitty-shaped bags too. They have alot of bags like this on the website.
Make sure you check them out yo!

Okay, I am done with my shopping therapy. Will share my shopping haul with you guys in the next post.
Stay tuned at my blog!

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