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04 January, 2018

Soi 19 Thai Steamboat & BBQ @ Kuchai Lama, KL

Sawadeeka! ❤ It's time for Thai Hot Pot!

Woohoo, this is my first time trying Thai-style hot pot with classic Thai beer. Where can you find this in KL? It is right here at Soi 19 Thai Steamboat and BBQ Restaurant located in Kuchai Lama (right opposite Wisma FGA). 

From far, you would notice the brightly-lit red signage with two Thai restaurants located side by side. Both are under the same owner, serving a wide variety of Thai street food which means you don't have to travel to Bangkok for the authentic Thai flavours! 

*There are plenty of parking lots here. Soi 19 customers can enjoy RM4 flat parking rate upon ticket validation. 

The interior of Soi 19 is pretty simple and cosy, suitable for friends' gathering and family dining.

Soi 19 Lifestyle Moo-Kata has been recently awarded with the World Top Gourmet Award 2017, so how can we not try the food here right? Just a little background about Soi 19 -- Unlike other Thai eateries, Soi 19 focuses on serving the Central-Southern authentic Thai menu including the famous Jim-Jom (Thai Steamboat) and Mookata (Thai BBQ + Steamboat).  

Jim Jom (Pork Set) @ RM39.00

For first timers, you must try this Thai hot pot set that comes with 300g of sliced pork and mixed vegetables. Served boiling in the hot pot, the clear broth exudes a very fresh herbal aroma as it is cooked using several herbs such as galangal, sweet basil, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. 

When added with meat and other ingredients such as seafood, the flavour of the soup develops into something sweeter and deeper in taste. Despite of using only simple, staple ingredients, it actually tastes very good and comforting in the stomach. 

Remember to mix the pork slices with egg before putting into the hot pot, for a smoother meat texture.

Personally, I find that the broth tastes incredibly good with vegetables and pork alone.
But if you want to enhance the sweetness in it, you may add some seafood too.

I am surprised that Chang beer actually makes the broth more flavourful, sweeter and smoother.
Highly recommended!

Don't forget to dip the condiments with the 3 homemade chilli sauces too.
My favourite is the green one, which is extra spicy with a bursting tang form the lime zest.

Pork Bone Soup @ RM19.90

Fans of hot pot may also try this Pork Bone Broth, infused with equally great amount of Thai fresh herbs i.e. the basil leaves.

For richer flavours, you can add more herbs, chilli for an extra fiery kick,
or lime to add sweetness and tone down the spiciness.

Cockles @ RM16.90

Apart from the signature hot pots, Soi 19 also serves a huge variety of authentic Thai snacks, salad, rice and noodles. I don't usually take raw cockles but this is really juicy especially when dipped into the fiery hot chilli lime sauce. 

Thai Spring Roll @ RM9.90

The spring roll kinda reminds me of the homemade ones I had in Vietnam. But this is well-loaded with minced meat and fresh herbs that give a perfect balance of crunch and juiciness. Glad that the meat is very moist inside and pairs well with the condiments. 

Moo Sam Chan Tod @ RM9.90

Hog lovers must try this spicy 3-layer roasted pork! Unlike our traditional Chinese roast pork, this Thai version exudes an interesting sourish salty flavour that gets us hooked and keeps us reaching for more. Very addictive! 

Fried Pork Ribs @ RM9.90

My personal favourite is the deep-fried pork ribs that tastes similar to the Chinese style Nam Yu pork ribs. It tastes good on its own, but if you prefer a more balanced flavour, try wrapping the pork with lettuce, chilli, garlic and sauce. This way, it cuts through the saltiness perfectly well. 

Pad Thai @ RM12.90

After plates of snacks / finger food, here comes the remaining carb-loaded dishes. I am always a huge fan of traditional Thai-style fried noodles and I am glad that this actually hits the mark although it leans towards the sweeter side. Just mix the peanut, chilli flakes, beansprout and chives together and it is good to go. Simple but delicious! 


Do you know that Mama Noodle is another famous street food in Thailand especially during late nights? Whereas in Soi 19, you can enjoy the hearty Mama Noodles for lunch and dinner. Using the chewy Mama instant noodle as the base, there are several types of toppings and soup bases for you to choose from.

Mama Big Prawn Noodles @ RM10.90

In this large bowl of noodles, there is an abundance of solid chunks of fresh prawn, minced meat, hard boiled egg, fish ball and more. The spicy-savoury soup base tastes rather heavy for me, but overall it is a very hearty combination that can easily fuel the rest of your day.

Mama Seafood Noodles @ RM10.90

Mama BBQ Spicy Chicken Noodles @ RM8.90

Among the 5 types of Mama noodles, my personal favourite is the spicy BBQ chicken. The BBQ chicken is crisp at the edges and lean inside, exuding deliciously charred aroma. Taste wise, it is slightly sweet, reminding me of Thai Moo Ping. If you are going adventurous on your taste buds, try this! 

Mama Special Pork Noodles @ RM8.90

 Mama Bittergourd with Minced Pork Noodles @ RM8.90

For those who can't take spicy food, they also have original soup base to pair with the noodles. Interestingly, the bittergourd is stuffed with minced pork and glass noodles like our local Yong Tau Fu. Again, the soup falls on the more savoury side. 

Thai Sang @ RM39.90 

Last but not least, we have our very first Thai-style Lou Sang to usher the auspicious year of 2018! Composed of colorful condiments such as fresh vegetables, pork, crispy crackers, peanut and chilli, the prosperity toss tastes refreshing especially when drizzled with the special homemade sweet spicy sauce. Great for sharing for 6-8 pax. 

Here's the map to Soi 19 Kuchai Lama outlet.

If you find that Kuchai Lama is a little far for you, you can visit Nong Mai by Soi 19
located in Damansara Uptown to enjoy the same authentic Thai cuisine too.

Soi 19
15, Jalan 1A/114,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 017-699 0889

Business Hours:

Mon - Thurs: 5pm - 2.30am
Fri - Sun: 5pm - 3am

Nong Mai by Soi 19
54, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Contact: 017-888 6619

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 12pm - 2pm, 5.30pm - 1am
Sat - Sun: 5pm - 1.30am

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