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23 July, 2018

5 Reasons I Choose Gaston Luga Backpack from Sweden

If you notice from my previous blog post, I have been travelling more frequently this year, be it a short weekend city trip or a long vacation. Having to travel from one location to another, I find it increasingly tedious to drag a bulky luggage wherever I go.

So I have been considering getting a backpack for the longest time ever, but I just can't find something stylish that suits my liking.... until I stumble upon Gaston Luga, a renowned brand from Stockholm, Sweden! 

Here are 5 reasons why I choose Gaston Luga:


As I browse through Gaston Luga's minimalist collection of backpacks such as Clässic, Pråper, Clässy and Clässy Mini on its website, the bold and elegant design of Pråper is the first to attract me. I love how they use a combination of leather, metal and canvas in contrasting tones of black and olive to spice things up so that the backpack looks more sophisticated than the usual classics. Such design makes it easy for any occasion and any outfit.


Another reason is comfort and convenience. It is more convenient to put my daily essentials into one single backpack instead of having to carry my usual purse and several other bags. Plus, I love how the thick canvas shoulder straps rest comfortably on the shoulders. 


I must admit that I have been constantly overloading my Pråper but thanks to the strong durable canvas, I am not worried about breaking it. For extra protection, there is a soft and luxurious 100% cotton fabric inner lining, as well as 4 metallic feet under the backpack.

Plus, it comes with a drawstring opening underneath the waterproof leather flap to secure everything inside well.


In terms of size, I am glad that Gaston Luga Pråper does not disappoint. It is slightly smaller than Gaston Luga Clässic, but this 18L capacity is huge enough for me to fit everything I need.

Initially I was worried that the backpack might look too huge on me since I am only 163cm tall. But fortunately, it doesn't at all. With the dimension of 30cm x 42cm x 15cm, it should fit all body frames well.


If you are a more organized person who loves to compartmentalize, then this backpack is for you. I am very particular when it comes to compartments in a bag -- well, you know girls always need that extra pocket for lipsticks, keys, mobile phone etc etc.

Functionality wise, I am pretty satisfied as its main compartment consists a padded 13"-15" laptop compartment and 2 small inner pockets. This helps to locate my stuff better as I don't have to just shove everything into the backpack.

Another unique feature is the hidden pocket on the back of the backpack to keep your passport, travel documents or other important belongings safe yet easily accessible. The pocket size also fits my 6" smartphone perfectly. 


Personally, I feel that the details of the backpack have added that little something extra to it, so I don't really need to include any other accessories. But one important thing you should buy especially for travellers would be the Colored Address Tag (sold separately). I have gotten mine together with the backpack from Gaston Luga. Love how the color pops out when paired with the backpack!


Overall, I am happy with my recent experience using Gaston Luga Pråper so far. Personally, the Pråper is perfect for my weekend trips and everyday use at work. If you prefer something bigger or more petite, try other Gaston Luga models.

If I ever buy my second Gaston Luga backpack, it would be mainly for its timeless design, comfort, durability, space and compartments. 5 reasons and I am sold!

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