06 March, 2019

How To Make Yourself The Best Cup Of Coffee

Having a cup of coffee is an integral part of my morning routine as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Whether hot or cold, it is difficult to imagine a world without coffee.

Plus, coffee has a number of health benefits too. It stimulates your mind, boosts your energy and reduces the risk of strokes. Some of the nutrients contained in it include vitamin B5, B12 and B3. Despite of its growing popularity, it is amazing that only 2/3 of us know how to make it the right way. 

There are many things that go into making a perfect cup of coffee and missing even one of them can make you fall short.
Here are some tips to help you make the best cup of coffee:

1. Buy whole beans

A whole bean has all the oils intact because they lose their aroma and moisture once exposed to the air. Grinding coffee can make it lose up to 50% of its aroma, hence avoid using pre-ground coffee where possible. 

2. Grind your beans just before you start brewing

If you buy whole beans and grind them too long before you use them, you will defeat the whole purpose of buying them whole. Use a grinder that creates uniform grinds and doesn’t make the coffee too weak.

3. Use the right equipment

One thing you have to get right is the coffee maker, which you can pick from a selection of the 11 best keurig coffee makers. Once you have the right equipment, it’s all about following the right procedure to make the best cup of coffee.

4. Use the correct water-to-coffee ratio

28 grams of coffee, which is the equivalent of 5 tablespoons is what it takes to brew two big cups (16 ounces). Don't forget to use the right water too, be it tap, bottled or filtered water.  

5. The pour-over

The pour-over is just as important as the equipment and ingredients you use. As your kettle heats up, line a dripper with a paper filter and place it on a mug. Place your ground coffee in the filter. After the water boils, allow it 10 seconds to settle and then pour it over the coffee in a circular motion until you have your desired amount. You may want to pause for a few seconds at a time to prevent overflow.

6. Keep all your equipment clean

The trick of cleaning your grinders is using a strong vinegar solution if you don’t have a specialty coffee-equipment cleaner, so that all oily buildup that can affect how your coffee tastes can be removed.

Once you master the art of making coffee the right way, 
then you will definitely enjoy the best coffee you have heard in a long time.

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