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02 May, 2019

10 Funny and Interesting Things That You Can Do With a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are so multi-tasking that if there was an award for the best household appliance then it would have been won by our precious Vacuum cleaner. From cleaning your fans without any effort to getting rid of all those pet hairs off the carpet, a Vacuum cleaner is the one stop solution for most of your day to day cleaning needs. Do you know what is the best rated vacuum? Please visit the site Vacuum Judge for that then!

You will get amused after reading these 10 interesting things that you can do with your vacuum cleaner. So, without wasting any time let's get started:

1. Personal lost and found investigator: 
This trick might be one of the best out of all the tricks that we will discuss in this article. The Personal lost and Found investigator is the trick where you can find small things that went missing with the help of vacuum cleaner. For this, first of you will need to tie some old tights over the head of your vacuum cleaner's hose. To make sure that this these tights do not get sucked into the cleaner, place some rubber band over the head of the hose. Now you can easily run this between the couch and bedside and you will get your lost article with ease. This method is also quite useful in cleaning the small block toys.

2. Ice-cold Carpet fix:
We all have that one spot on our carpet where all the furs fail to stand up. This is one of the worst things that can happen to a carpet as it marks the end of the beauty of the carpet. But, with this trick, your carpet will become fresh as new. All you need is some ice cubes and a vacuum cleaner. Start this trick by placing ice cubes on the carpet dent. Once, the water melts down the fibers of the carpet will become malleable and this will be the perfect time to run the vacuum cleaner to straighten up this dent.

3. Inflate a mattress:
If you are suffering from an issue where your battery-powered pump has broken down, then vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution for this need. Bagged vacuum cleaner fit in the blowing space perfectly and you will easily inflate the air mattress without any problem.

4. Toilet Paper tube hack: 
You might wonder how you can use a toilet paper tube with your vacuum cleaner as both of them are so contrasting. But, there is one thing which is common in both of them and that is their cylindrical shape. You can use a toilet paper tube as an extender for your vacuum hose.

5. Smooth your crying baby:
We all know how easy is it to make a baby cry. So, if you face a similar situation where a baby is crying and you do not know how to calm him or her down then try running a vacuum cleaner. These cleaners make a very calming electric whirr which will work like a charm in this situation.

6. Seam Ripper Hack:
Have you ever faced a situation where the roller of your vacuum stops to work in its optimum state? One of the reasons could be that it might have been blocked because of some hair strands or threads. So, to get this out of the vacuum cleaners system, try to use the seam ripper. It will easily cut through the hair and lint from the vacuum brush.

7. No more wall or door scuffs:
If you are a person that goes all out while cleaning and hits the walls and door unintentionally which leads to scuffing then you will love this trick. For this, you will need a masking tape. Now, take the vacuum hose and put the masking tape over it and once done, it will make a cushion like the head of the hose and you will not face anymore scuffing.

8. Did somebody say cosplay:
Vacuum cleaner is one of the best cosplay material in the entire world. There is so much in a vacuum cleaner that can be used as a part of a cosplay design. Its vacuum pipe to its storage tank, everything can be used to create a stunning outfit. So, next Halloween tries an amazing astronaut outfit with a vacuum cleaner.

9. Ponytail hair-stylist:
Having a daughter is a blessing but when it comes to getting her ponytail done, things start to get really tricky. But, not anymore, with a vacuum cleaner, you can give your princess the ultimate flawless ponytail. Start by placing her band on the vacuum hose. Then slide hair into the hose and start the vacuum at minimum speed. Once everything is swept up, place the rubber band on the ponytail and you are good to go.

10. Grooming Cat:
Cats love to get some special petting session but if you want to make it more interesting, then you can add a soft brush vacuum cleaner in the act.

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