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01 August, 2019

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Serum for Brightened, Radiant Skin

Guess what has just landed in Malaysia from Kimchi-land? 

I have been travelling for quite a bit lately, and perhaps due to the frequent change of environment and lack of H2O, I find that my skin is becoming so sensitive that nothing could work better on my skin than THE FACE SHOP Dr. Belmeur skincare range.

Dr. Belmeur skincare is, by far, the saviour for my sensitive skin condition, thanks to its ultra-mild yet effective formula specially designed for troubled skin. You can refer to my previous reviews here:

What's better now is the latest addition in Dr. Belmeur's family that can feed the skin with amino acids and vitamins to restore radiance of sensitive complexion. Just like how our daily supplements help to enhance our body's functions, the latest Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Serum boosts nutrients in the skin to fight against environmental damages such as long sun exposure and pollution.

 THE FACE SHOP Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Serum (45ml)

Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Serum is a triple-care serum that helps:
(1) Brighten skin / Improve skin tone
(2) Even out skin texture (pore care)
(3) Moisturise skin

Perfectly curated for sensitive skin, this serum removes dead skin cells that cause uneven texture, controls overproduction of melanin that causes dullness, and provides sufficient moisture to improve skin’s overall glow, without irritating the skin.

Key Ingredients:
(1) Serine
A low-irritant peeling agent that gently removes accumulated dead skin cells and prevents moisture loss, hence creating a more translucent, radiant effect.

(2) Vitamin Complex
Vitamin C, B3 and B5 provides brightening, skin strengthening and moisture enhancing benefits.

(3) Hyaluronic Acid
Our favourite hydrating agent, again, works incredibly well in revitalising skin with dewy radiance.

Currently Vita Serine Serum is available in a full package that includes deluxe-sized samples of:
❤ Cica Toner
❤ Cica Emulsion
❤ Cica Hydro Cream
❤ Dr. Belmeur Mineral Sun Cream 
❤ Vita Serine Intense Face Mask (1 piece)

 While stocks last only ya! Once this limited edition Vita Serine Full Package is sold out,
you can get the Vita Serine Serum and the rest of the items in full size individually.

How To Use:
After cleansing and toning, apply Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Serum to skin and pat gently with fingertips until fully absorbed. For morning and evening use.

Best paired with other Dr. Belmeur skincare products for optimal result:
(1) Toner - (2) Vita Serine Serum - (3) Ampoule - (4) Emulsion - (5) Serum - (6) Cream / Hydro Cream

Thanks to its unique liquid crystalline technology, this liquid gel-like serum glides smoothly and absorbs well into the skin.

The liquid gel-like consistency feels great and instantly seals the skin with moisture.

I like how citrusy and refreshing it smells.

1. Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Serum works wonder in improving skin radiance and texture without "triggering" my sensitive skin.
2. Recommended for sensitive skin with dull / rough complexion concerns.

THE FACE SHOP Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Serum is available at all THE FACE SHOP outlets and online ( from 1 July 2019 onwards.

To find out more about THE FACE SHOP please visit:
THE FACE SHOP Online Store:

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