06 July, 2020

[BEAUTY] Review: 氧顏森活 Forest Beauty Award-Winning Mask (with Discount Code!)

I love exploring new beauty products and this round I will be trying out the Taiwanese beauty mask from 氧顏森活 Forest Beauty, which has recently garnered an award in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020!

Forest Beauty comes from a long heritage. Its mother company, Shihlin Paper Co., Ltd. was the first paper mill in Taiwan, founded in 1918. With nearly 100 years experience in producing high quality paper products, Forest Beauty inherits the same quality guarantee spirit of Shihlin Paper Co., Ltd to create the finest premium beauty masks. All “Forest Beauty” products are produced by ISO & GMP certified factory in Taiwan. 

Forest Beauty uses natural plant extracts and highly effective non-allergenic ingredients derived from the true source of nature to produce various mask collections such as:

❤ Natural botanical masks series
❤ Exclusive bio-cellulose masks series
❤ Luxurious gold and silver foil masks series
❤ Eye masks series
❤ Organic cotton masks series
❤ IDEALIFT Bio-cellulose masks series
❤ 100% non-bleached cotton masks ultra-nourishing series

Forest Beauty Pore Minimizing & Oil Control Mask

The mask I am using here is the winner of "Best New Skin Care Treatment" category in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020. Look at the mask’s unique sachet design which is done by a famous fashion designer, Daniel Wong. It is inspired by red clover flower and other ingredients of this mask, how beautiful!

Formulated using caviar lime extract, U-fermented SVB, red clover flower extract, wild rose berries extract and multi HA, it helps in exfoliating, repairing and balancing the skin complexion, leaving it younger and healthier. 

I like the quality of the sheet mask itself. Made of 100% non-bleached cotton, it is thick enough to soak well with the serum that helps reduce sebum production, prevent acne and hydrate the skin with just 15 minutes of application.

Luxurious Silver Foil Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask

Another premium product by Forest Beauty is this innovative "Swiss Ice Wine Extract" Mask. It is interesting to find that it is made from highly-concentrated Swiss ice wine produced from naturally frozen ripe grapes which delivers astringent benefits and has instant lifting and long-lasting moisturizing effects on the skin. 

24K Gold and Collagen Wrinkless Eye Mask

As one of the finalists of the "Best New Premium Anti-Aging Product" category, this 24K gold eye mask feels exceptionally luxurious around the eyes. Upon a 15-minute application, I can feel the eye area is more refreshed and radiant. For those seeking for firmer-looking skin and a more even contour, this is great to reduce wrinkles, crow's feet, fine lines and other signs of aging.

Look at the 24K gold leaf flakes in the essence of the mask!

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