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29 August, 2020

Dumpling Kings & Phuture Daging - First Halal Plant-based Meat Dumplings

Healthy Vegan Meat is now in Malaysia!

It is a misconception that plant-based meat is only meant those who practise vegan diet. In fact, actually plant-based meat has a lot more benefits than the real meat (which I have discussed in this post). Phuture Daging plant-based meat uses non-GMO soy, is cholesterol-free with low calories and high protein content. Totally free from hormones and antibiotics, it is Muslim, Buddist, vegan and vegetarian-friendly in addition to being cruelty-free.

Now with the collaboration between Phuture Daging and Dumpling Kings, 
we can enjoy this plant-based meat in various flavours of dumplings!

Dumpling Kings, the specialised plant-based meat dumpling franchise has just announced its collaboration with Phuture Daging, the plant-based meats foodtech company to launch Malaysia’s first plant-based Dumpling Kings outlet offering a fully-halal, plant-based menu in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Phuture Daging general manager, Datin Maziah binti Omar, mentioned that this partnership fits with its ethos in producing halal plant-based meat and introducing it to the Malaysian market. Phuture Daging’s plant-based meats are processed in compliance with halal standards, which are overseen by Phuture Daging’s Halal Advisory Board led by Pn. Norlia Binti Yusof.

Leveraging Phuture Daging’s customised plant-based meat solutions and halal-certified manufacturing process, this collaboration will lead to new freshly-made dumpling offerings to Muslim consumers as well as health-conscious foodies, in line with Dumpling Kings' tagline "Dumplings for All".

Lyn and her co-founder Shawn plan to advance the collaboration with Phuture Daging through a franchising model that provide entrepreneurship opportunity for aspiring young entrepreneur in Malaysia plan to take the collaboration with Phuture Daging further in 2021, opening up the Dumpling Kings brand to young entrepreneurs who need a leg-up into the plant-based food sector. Surely it will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs given Dumpling Kings' best practices in sourcing, financing, and marketing in place and backed by the foodtech experts at Phuture Daging.

Pan-fried Mushroom Cabbage Dumplings

We are excited to try Dumpling Kings' halal plant-based meat dumplings which come in 4 flavour options (spicy mala, kimchi, chives, and mushroom cabbage) and 2 preparation styles (pan-fried or boiled).  
The dumplings are made with a mixture of plant-based meat and vegetables, then wrapped with freshly homemade dough with the craftsmanship of authentic dumpling chefs.

Mushroom Cabbage Dumplings in Soup (paired with ramen)

The most basic flavour that you must not miss is the mushroom cabbage dumpling, that combines the beautiful aroma and texture of mushroom bits well with the plant-based meat. Best served hot and paired Dumpling Kings’ signature ginger soy sauce and vinegar as well as a splash of chilli oil.

While I enjoy how the pan-grilled version yields a crisp outer skin and soft juicy 'meat' inside, I find that the soup version is equally delicious and comforting to the stomach. 

Pan-fried Chives Dumplings (paired with Japanese rice)

The chive dumpling is also mouth-watering as it envelopes strong, original flavour of chives without compromising on taste and texture even while using plant-based meat. Texture wise, it feels as if real meat and we can't really tell otherwise.  

Pan-fried Kimchi Dumplings

For a twist of Asian flavour, we have the next dumpling in kimchi flavour. In Korea, dumplings are traditionally eaten by the Koreans as an everyday food since young, and I like how the kimchi dumplings here remind me of the Korean Mandu (만두) - so rich in kimchi flavour and full of biting pleasure. 

Pan-fried Spicy Mala Dumplings

For those who are going adventurous, try the Spicy Mala flavour
and let the flaming hot taste adds some kick to the senses!

Look at the inside of the spicy mala dumpling; It retains its juiciness throughout the process.

Spicy Mala Dumplings in Soup

I find it interesting to see how the dumplings are served in different ways.
Be it ramen, rice or hot soup, the dumplings go well with everything!

Overall, the plant-based meat dumplings are delicious, healthy and versatile for different recipes. It is suitable for all religions and diet practitioners, making it a healthy alternative for meat eaters of all ages. 

We look forward to the launch of Dumpling Kings' first outlet in Klang Valley in the fourth quarter of 2020, and the opening of its model to business partners for expansion in 2021. Together with Phuture Daging which supports local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who want to incorporate plant-based offerings into their menu, Dumpling King will definitely help entrepreneurs make their mark in the plant-based space by providing financial guidance, sourcing raw materials supplies and maintaining industry best practices.

For more information about Phuture Daging and collaboration interest,
kindly visit their website at or
reach out to General Manager Datin Maziah Omar (H/P: 019-650 3747 /

You can also reach out to Dumpling Kings for business opportunities:
Co-founder Shawn Pan (HP: 014 395 8806), Co-founder Lyn Teh (HP: 012 226 7391)
or email

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