21 August, 2020

Types of Engagement Rings Worth Investing In

Some people say, rings are not worth an investment because they seem to be overpriced in the market and are difficult to sell off at a later date. But actually I find it very valuable in terms of sentimental value and self-appreciation. It can be passed on to the next generations and yield better market value after a very long time. 

Not only that, it can also be served as your passion investment. Luxury jewelry is becoming more popular as a result of its heritage, exclusivity, and craftsmanship.  You can read here for some guide to passion investing.

When I started my research on engagement rings, I found this website - BBBGEM - a jewelry company specializing in custom jewelry for more than 20 years. There is a large variety of products available, ranging from rings to necklaces and earrings. Particularly for the wide array of engagement rings, they have a long list of sub categories where you can choose the perfect one based on your preference.

For instance, emerald engagement ring is suitable for those who like vivid color saturation in their ring. This rare piece of gemstone exudes a sense of classiness and luxury. Emerald fits surprisingly well into different shapes and designs of rings. 

14K/18K White Gold Round Alexandrite Engagement Ring with Tiara Marquise Diamond Solitaire
(Direct link: HERE)

Alexandrite engagement ring, on the other hand, is darker in color (blue or purple) but the gemstone has a color-changing capability under different light conditions (sometimes green). Whether it is paired with white gold or rose gold, it looks very elegant especially when paved with little diamonds around it. 

5mm Opal Birthstone 6-prongs Minimalist Ring
(Direct link: HERE)

However, my favourite is probably the opal engagement ring. Opal is a white colored semi-precious gemstone, which makes it an even more perfect fit for any ring frames, sizes or designs. As I prefer simplicity, I think this minimalist design of the above unique Australia opal engagement ring is great for me. Definitely a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday, wedding and engagement.
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Anyway, wish you happy shopping with BBBGEM!

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