02 September, 2021

[Online Shopping] Home Accessories and Pet Stuff Recommendations

It has been quite a long year of spending most of my time at home since the implementation of the working-from-home arrangement due to the pandemic. And by spending so much time at home, I take this opportunity to pamper myself a little with some beautiful decors for my bedroom, living room and kitchen which I found online.

Recently I have discovered this online shopping platform called Aoin which offers a wide range of products including home decoration, home cleaning, tableware cleaning, personal care, etc to cater for various needs. The products are in good designs and at low prices.

Velvet Jewelry Trays Organizer (Set of 3)
(Direct link: HERE) 

It feels great filling my house with lovely home accessories that I love seeing everyday and that's why I start from my bedroom. For example, at my vanity corner, I have always aimed to organize the space and compartmentalise the loads of jewelries and accessories I have into different sections. This Velvet Jewelry Trays Organizer is every girl's dream when it comes to organising the sparkly pieces!

It comes with proper cushioning for each type of accessories, so it can protect the accessories while organising them. With this, my rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets can safely sit at the designated areas without worrying about being damaged.

Shell Wind Chimes
(Direct link: HERE)

Alternatively, if you prefer something that brightens the space and lifts up the mood at home, hanging some wall or door decors can be a great idea. This handmade Capiz shell wind chime can create a soft, beautiful melody that soothes the ears and calms the soul, how amazing is that!

Cat Hammock Stand (Breathable Hanging Nest with Detachable Cover)
(Direct link: HERE)

While we spend alot of time at home, sometimes it can get lonely if we are staying alone. For those who choose to own some furkids as their companion at home, here are some of the best pet supply to keep your furkid entertained and healthy.

I personally like this cute little hammock for the cat at home, so that the cat can have its own little resting space too. Coupled with the toys available on Aoin online shopping site, I am sure your furkids will have a great time too.

With the above, I am sure it will definitely feel more comfortable staying at home and our mood will get better everyday too. Hope you enjoy shopping at Aoin!

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