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15 December, 2021

[Food Review] Xinga Pot (鲜家煲) @ Damansara Uptown

When it comes to friends and family gathering, the first thing that pops up in my mind is of course hotpot! So, here we are at Xinga Pot (鲜家煲) for the first time to experience the delicious flavours of Hong Kong styled hotpot.

Xinga Pot is located along one of the most busiest streets in Damansara Uptown (right opposite Texas Chicken). Don't worry, it is easily noticeable from far with the red and green signage occupying Levels 1-3 of the block.

At Xinga Pot, each floor houses a different dining experience amidst the trendy Hong Kong styled cafe vibes. The first floor is an open dining concept with 7 tables of various sizes, suitable for smaller groups of 4-5pax or larger group of 8-10pax, who enjoys a good meal and great catch up session with your gang.

On the second floor, there are 4 private rooms (i.e. 3 smaller rooms for 6 pax and 1 mid-size room for up to 10pax) which are equipped with Karaoke system.

On the top floor, there is a hidden bar area where you can chill and drink, or host a small event for up to 30 pax there. If you prefer privacy, you can opt for the VIP room with karaoke system and private toilet (which can fit 15-20pax comfortably).

*Highly recommended* Signature Golden Fish Tripe Chicken Broth (鲜家黄金花胶鸡汤煲)

First timers must try their signature premium golden broth which is boiled for 8 hours with Canadian fish maw, fish tripe and free-range chicken. The thick broth is not only rich in collagen and excellent for beauty benefits, but also tastes extremely rich in flavours. Every spoonful is full of fish maw too!

The next time I come I'll probably try the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Pot (佛跳墙汤煲) - which is the most premium broth on the menu. Perfect for Chinese New Year celebration. Make sure you pre-order at least 1 day in advance to avoid disappointment.

Xinga Combo (鲜家四大天王) (75g each)
❤ Black Truffle Prawn Paste (黑松露虾滑)
❤ Ebiko Prawn Paste (蝦子虾滑)
❤ Mushroom Pork Paste (东菇猪肉滑)
❤ Chilli Cuttlefish Fish Paste ( 辣椒墨斗滑)

Among the freshly made hotpot ingredients, the Xinga Combo is a must-try. Handmade from scratch, each of the meat paste exudes different flavours and my personal favourite goes to the Ebiko Prawn Paste - so fresh and bouncy, and I enjoy the delicious crunch of the ebiko too.

For the fresh seafood selections, there is a wide variety to choose from - red snapper slices, abalone, fish maw and the list goes on. We opt for some Tiger Prawns (老虎虾) and Clams (沙白) - they are so fresh and succulent when boiled in the sweet rich soup!

For seafood lovers, you can pre-order (min 1 day in advance) the premium selection of seafood such as geoduck, mantis shrimp, Boston Lobster, Alaska King Crab etc.

Sakura Sliced Pork Collar (樱花中嘴猪肉片)

If you prefer meats, I'd recommend the thinly-sliced pork collar - so fresh and juicy! Beef lovers can now enjoy the world's highest grade Miyazaki A5 wagyu beef (sliced) here too. The New Zealand sliced lamb (新西兰羊肉片), sliced Iberico pork secreto (黑毛猪肩秘肉) and marinated drunken chicken (爽滑醉鸡) are worth a mention too.

Meat dumplings, lobster balls, Taiwanese sausages, mushrooms, vegetables and other beancurd assortments are available here too. Just dip them into the hot boiling broth and enjoy the meal with the delicious soup.

Xinga Homemade Ramen (手工拉面)

Do you usually skip the noodles during a hotpot meal? Please don't do so in Xinga Pot because their Homemade Ramen is also a must-try item here. It is so springy and bouncy, best dipped in the rich creamy broth.

Don't forget the special condiments to spice up your hotpot experience too.

It is absolutely a great experience dining in Xinga Pot with the Signature Golden Fish Tripe Chicken Broth as the showstopper. The assorted handmade meat paste is highly recommended too. Worth revisiting? Definitely!

In order to avoid disappointment, please contact the hotline at 017-771 6522 for booking a table / room prior to your visit.

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @xingapot

Xinga Pot 鲜家煲
No. 58 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor),
Jalan SS 21/58,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Hotline: +6017-771 6522

Business Hours:
4pm - 12am Tuesdays - Sundays
Closed on Mondays

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