08 June, 2022

[REVIEW] Lucca Vudor Comfort Shoes - Handcrafted in Italian Traditional Method!

When it comes to shopping for shoes, I always emphasise on comfort and durability over style and price point. I am sure we have all experienced getting that cheap, beautiful pair of heels but end up causing injury and blisters on our feet. In a long run, such footwear even affects our foot health, posture and overall wellbeing. 

As my current job requires me to run around clients’ places on a daily basis, I realise a pair of shoes can make a huge difference in my day-to-day lifestyle and therefore I am more willing to invest in a good pair of footwear. 

So I stumble upon Lucca Vudor - a luxury shoe brand based in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia - and I am totally sold on the wide range of luxurious shoes handcrafted in Italian traditional method. The ladies’ shoes here are specially engineered for comfort without sacrificing an ounce of style. 

Flats - Faizah 366B-3 @ SGD 119.90

While Lucca Vudor offers various styles such as heels, sandals, boots, etc, my favourite pick is this classic pair of beige-apricot flats for my everyday work purposes. The design and colour combination allows it to be a versatile pair of comfort shoes that can be worn all day long, be it for business during the day or for play at night.

Lucca Vudor offers a good balance of comfort and style. Some of the noteworthy points that I really like about this pair of flats include the following.

❤ The shoe (upper, lining and insole) is made of lightweight, finely grained lambskin leather - super soft and comfortable. It snuggles the feet well and moulds to the shape of my feet faster too.

❤ It features the signature Lucca Vudor Pressure Relieving Sole, plus the insole padded with extra cushion for better comfort and reduced pain after prolonged walking. No more sore and tired feet at the end of the day!

❤ Supportive back - no more injury and blisters at the back of the ankle
❤ Widened toe box - to prevent tightness around the feet 
❤ Well balanced shoe form - for overall comfort

Aesthetic wise, Lucca Vudor shoes never lack of timeless design and unique colour combination. As Lucca Vudor’s craftsman makes each pair by hands and painstakingly colors each pair of shoes, every pair of shoes is a piece of art! 

All in all, I am happy with my recent purchase from Lucca Vudor. After wearing it for a week now,  I am pretty satisfied with the level of comfort and versatility that Lucca Vudor shoes offer. No more soreness on the feet even after a long day!

If you are looking for comfort work and lifestyle shoes, feel free to visit Lucca Vudor on:
Instagram: @luccavudorsg

Retail stores:
Singapore: Suntec City, Star Vista, Beauty World Centre
Malaysia: Lot G-15, Atria Shopping Gallery

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