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04 August, 2022

[BEAUTY] Review: DermEden France No.1 Photo-Aging Expert Skincare

Do you know that prolonged exposure from blue light from a computer or smart phone is as harmful as the UV rays from sunlight when it comes to damaging the skin? Don’t worry, DermEden Laboratories, the No.1 Photo-Ageing Expert from France is here to help our skin combat against photoaging! 

Made in France and formulated under dermatological control, DermEden offers a wide range of anti-ageing & anti-UV solutions that defend our skin and preserve its beauty in the long term. 

It is at night that the skin best absorbs the active ingredients, so it is very important to take advantage of this sleeping time to apply active skincare products. Hence, DermEden Laboratories have created the Night Protocole skincare range with a high concentration of powerful active ingredients to combat skin aging. 

DermEden Antioxidant Cleansing Foam (150ml)

Nothing is more important than having cleansed face so that our skin can absorb the nutrients of skincare that comes next. We start off with the Cleansing Foam which acts effectively on the culprit of aging skin, by eliminating dust and impurities. 

Comes in foam type, the soap-free and alcohol-free Cleansing Foam is enriched with natural extracts of cucumber, ginger, green tea, acerola and rosemary, which play vital roles on the skin:

 Cucumber extract: cleanses the pores, moisturizes, refreshes
 Green tea extract: antioxidant, tonic, astringent action
 Rosemary extract: antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
 Acerola extract: detoxifying, invigorating, antioxidant
 Ginger extract: toning

How to use:
In the morning and/or evening, use a pump on dry skin. Apply by circular massage and rinse with clear water.   

❤ The soft and airy foam texture feels pleasant on the skin, as it deeply cleans and purifies the skin gently. 

Feel after use:
❤ It leaves the skin clean, soft and silky, without any feeling of tightness. I love how it brings radiance and freshness to the skin instantly after use.
❤ Highly effective in removing impurities (make-up residues, pollution etc) 
❤ Ideal to restore and enhance the radiance and freshness of skin

Dermeden Night Protocole Intense Anti-Ageing Serum (30ml)

After each skin cleansing, it is important to moisturize and protect your skin. Hence, for the next step, we are pampering our skin with the Intense Seruma unique concentrate of Dioic Acid, Resorcinol, Niacinamide and Vitamin C with anti-dark spot action, and Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol with anti-wrinkle action.

Reinforced by anti-ageing peptides, the formula repairs the damage induced by the day's UV rays. So, let our complexion becomes radiant and the skin regains its ideal firmness-elasticity again. 

How to use:
❤ Apply over face and neck every evening. (Personally, I wouldn't recommend for day use because it contains Retinol, unless you apply proper sun protection after the serum)
❤ Can be used alone, especially for sensitive skin. 
❤ Also recommended as a complement to the Night Cream. 

❤ Combining pleasure and efficiency, its light and powdery texture is ultra fast-absorbing. 

Feel after use:
❤ It feels smooth and nourishing on the skin. No sticky residue at all. 
❤ No appearance of new dark spots 
❤ Enhanced complexion
❤ Smoother skin
❤ Faded wrinkles  
Dermeden Night Protocole Intense Night Cream (50ml)

The last step for the skin is the powerful Night Cream which effectively treats dark spots, hydrates and regenerates the skin with its unique formula containing 3 types of Hydroxy Acids, Retinol and Niacinamide. Dark spots fade and wrinkles are filled, leaving skin plump, soft, and balanced. 

 αHA - Glycolic acid: anti-dark spots, peeling and anti-ageing effect
 βHA - Salicylic acid: peeling and anti-ageing effect
 ΩHA - Dioic acid: anti-dark spots and anti-ageing
 Liposomal retinol: anti-ageing
 Niacinamide: anti-dark spots and antioxidant

How to use:
❤ Every night, use the spatula to apply the generous, delicately scented texture to a perfectly cleansed face, neck, and neckline. For reinforced action, apply Intense Serum first.
❤ For skins sensitive to the slightly acidic formula (low pH), apply the Night Cream every other evening so that the skin gradually gets used to the product.  

❤ The creamy texture feels smooth on the skin upon application. But it then comes with "peeling effect" where the acidic substance exfoliates dead cells on the surface of the skin and strengthening skin cell renewal. 

Feel after use:
❤ A temporary tingling sensation can be felt on sensitive skin, but don't worry it means that the peeling effect is working well. 

❤ Improve skin hydration
❤ Reduced dark spots 
❤ Faded wrinkles
❤ Improve skin regeneration  

DermEden Night Protocole Intense Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Cream (15ml)

When it comes to special care, I always emphasize on eye cream because aging effect around the eyes can be very severe if not well taken care of. Dubbed as an elixir for beautiful eyes, this Eye Contour Cream helps moisturise and regenerate to reduce dark circles and puffiness, with the following active ingredients: 

 αHA - Glycolic acid: anti-dark spots and anti-ageing
❤ ΩHA - Dioic Acid: anti-dark spots and anti-ageing
❤ Liposomal Retinol: anti-ageing
❤ Stabilized Vitamin C: lightening and anti-oxidant
❤ Niacinamide: anti-dark spots
❤ Hyaluronic Acid: anti-wrinkle and moisturizing

How to use:
Apply every evening to the bone structure around the eye, massaging lightly with your fingertips.

❤ Texture wise, it is the ultra lightweight type that everyone loves - simply burdenless for the eye contour area. 

Feel after use:
❤ I like how the gentle formula is absorbed into the skin without any added scent. Ideal for overall brighter complexion around the eyes. 
❤ Reduce brown spots
❤ Brighten eye contour
❤ Hydrate skin
❤ Blur away wrinkles
❤ Reduce eye pockets and rings    

DermEden DD Cream Universal Cream (Claire / Light) SPF50 (50ml)

My favourite goes to this amazing DD Cream - an anti-wrinkle, anti-dark spots, anti-aging and moisturizing makeup base with strong UV protection that protects our skin from all aggressions and prevents the first signs of ageing.

Enriched with a Vitamin D-like agent, it is the very first day cream that bestows the skin with the benefits of Vitamin D. While I choose the light version of DD Cream, the pigments can actually adjust itself to suit every skin tone well. 

How to use:
Apply every morning to your face, neck and neckline with circular motions until the color perfectly blends with your skin tone. Excellent make-up base, matte finish.

❤ Initially encapsulated, the pigments melt to fit our skin. So blendable and smooth. 

Feel after use:
❤ The result is amazing! I love how it gives a healthy glow and naturally unified complexion. Again, the formula is not perfumed - hence it is more sensitive skin-friendly.  
❤ DD Cream restores the tensing effect of skin destroyed by UVA rays.
❤ Instant healthy glow effect
❤ Improve hydration
❤ Unified skin
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