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23 November, 2022

[Online Shopping] RIHOAS - My Comprehensive Fashion Wishlist

Hi, lovelies! ❤ When it comes to online shopping, it excites me each time as I discover new products available on global shopping platforms where I can easily gain access to international goods and at the same time enjoy absolutely free shipping services. 

Online shopping is pretty addictive, don't you think so? One of my recent favourites is Rihoasa rising fashion brand dedicating to elegance with retro charm, and born in Hong Kong, since August 2021.

The inspiration for Rihoas comes from a long legacy of European cinema. The visual appeal, the beauty, the romance, the artistry of the female in all her complexity–it sweeps us away. Among the most appealing outfits I have in my wishlist is the elegant dress collection with a touch of retro charm from Rihoas. 

The Button Up Long Sleeve Sweater Midi Dress
(Direct link: HERE)

This is definitely a must-have for the fall winter season! I love how simplistic, casual yet elegant the design is - bringing out the best, most confident self in every woman. Not forgetting to mention the sexy curve that shows in this bodycon dress :P And it is weather-perfect for autumn too. 

The Velvet Chain Strap Bodycon Maxi Dress
(Direct link: HERE)

As I continue to browse through the dresses section, I am elated to see my favourite long evening dresses available on the website in various styles, designs, colors and sizes. One that really caught my attention is this piece of velvety maxi dress in a classic green hue. It is, again, a sexy irresistible piece with intricate details on the strap and curvy tail design. Now I know where to search for my year end prom dress! 

The Lapel Single-breasted Suede Jacket  
(Direct link: HERE)

The Lace Trim Suede Skirt
(Direct link: HERE)

Another item that I really wanted to get from Rihoas is the set of suede jacket and skirt in brown tone with lovely lace details. This set is just so sweet-looking and perfect for travelling during the fall season. It can be worn as a set or separately - just mix and match, and I bet I will have fun styling with this outfit. 

If dresses are not of your interest, don't worry. There are plenty of European style fashion items offered on Rihoas ranging from tops and bottoms to accessories and even swimwear. I am sure you can find something that suits your style, mood and budget.  

Don't worry about shipping, because they can ship internationally in a speedy manner.  

Happy shopping and get your fashion inspiration from RIHOAS!


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