18 June, 2023

California Blueberries - Mighty, Healthy and Delicious!

It's time to indulge into California Blueberries

I am so excited to hear that it is the blueberry season again! It means that we can beat the heat of summer by having some sweet succulent blueberries at the comfort of home, or enjoying a glass of blueberry smoothie by the beach.

When it comes to blueberries, there is nowhere better than California to source for the juiciest and freshest blueberries! Do you know that California is one of the top six blueberry-producing states in North America? In the most recent season, California farmers produced blueberries in 28 counties on nearly 9,000 acres.

Do you know that the California Blueberry Commission was founded on March 1, 2010 to promote the blueberry industry in California? It is necessary to assure the public of a continuous supply of this important commodity and the maintenance of needed levels of income for those engaged in the blueberry industry of this state. The Commission is authorized to carry out programs of pest management, advertising, promotion, food safety, maturity standards, education, marketing, and research relating to blueberries, and more. Therefore, California Blueberries are sure to meet the gold standards in terms of fruit quality and taste!

All you need to know about California Blueberries are here...

California Blueberries are part of the "super fruit" family - Tiny in size but big on natural goodness! California Blueberries are full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants while you can enjoy these tiny, mighty fruits in many versatile ways be it eaten raw as a healthy snack on the go, or being incorporated into your dishes, desserts or even beverages. It definitely makes a crucial part of your everyday healthy and vibrant lifestyle! 

Health benefits of California blueberries include:
❤ Low in fat 
❤ Rich in fibre for the best of your digestive health  
Rich in vitamin C
❤ Rich in manganese 

More importantly, what truly appeals to me is the juicy bursts of sweetness whenever I have these raw blueberries as a snack anywhere and anytime.  

How to choose your California Blueberries:
Always look for blueberries that are:
❤ Firm, dry, plump and smooth-skinned
❤ Deep purple-blue to blue-black with a silvery surface bloom
❤ Reddish (sour to eat but useable in cooking or baking)

Remember to avoid:
- Juice stains in the container (fruit might be bruised)
- Leaves or stems
- Signs of age (softness, wrinkles, etc.)

California Blueberries are harvested from May through July. The good news is, they are now here in Malaysia and this is the best time for us to enjoy them at their peak of freshness and deliciousness! 

Where to buy:
You can now buy and enjoy California blueberries from selected supermarkets in Malaysia. 

Enjoy the delicious California Blueberries in your favourite way! 

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @calblueberries

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