31 December, 2007



Time flies so quickly that everything passed in a blink of eyes. Again, New Year is coming just in half a day time. What's your comment on your life in the entire 2007? As for me, I am satisfied and proud that I have finally gone through the year in single life =D yay for me..

Studies~*^work hard and finally obtain this result, proud of myself, but too bad nobody feels proud for me, perhaps they're kind bored or used to it?

Friends~*^has new bestie besides the old buddies =D...luv them loads..muackzz..spent plenty of memorable moments with them, cherish them alot.. =]

Lovelife~*^many things had happened and repeated, finally I am still me. In the upcoming year, I don't wish to believe in any stupid thoughts anymore. About the thingy I had booked, *sigh* maybe it's just a waste of money? and don't give it as present to anyone ba? >.< or keep it to myself as a memory? or straight away don't collect it? lols..

Newyear resolution~*^hoping that life won't be so tiring like 2007, reduce tuition + extra co-curriculars.. =D play hard, yet study smart...please don't messup my life and I will thank ya so much...


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