01 March, 2008

tis dae~

29 02 2008
Hmm, it is a special day today, because this day only occurs once in four years. And.. today I have got caught and scolded by three person, sigh..so cham..do I really deserve the scoldings? Perhaps yes... Well I don’t know if I should say that is a good or bad thing. Anyway happy birthday friend~ You grew 4 years older at once xD.
I feel like it is boring and plain as usual, I was just feeling too plain on everything. Sigh~ Besides, things were kinda rocky, and I was glad that I survived. I had been struggling through this job and I learned to be patient and just take it as if nothing happened. If I don’t keep it in my heart, then nobody else is able to make me sadder because of this =]. Anyway the only and one thing that makes me happy once again is the c-o-n-c-e-r-t.

~29 March 2008
~Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
It will be a month from now, !!~ looking forward to it^^

Oh my, it is exam again. After PMR, this will be the first exam I take when I am in Form 4. Well, I still don’t realize that I am actually 16 now. Next week this monthly test will start and… I can’t imagine how many subjects I would get low grades in, since after all these subjects are still new for me. In between these exam days, I gotta go for the saringan JUST TO snap photo =.= really wasting my time lerh,zzz…

Anyway after talking so much nonsense, I still gotta go through life right? Just need something to push me, to make sure that I could go through it well.. P/S: Thanks to KS for being someone I 'bullied' when I was sad xD

Smile before I end this post =]..

{{{ How these eyes have wept before,
For now they can weep no more,
Where once they sparkled with life and gaiety,
They now stare into space, void and empty.

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